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Is Danny Briere Right For the Buffalo Sabres Part Duex

Its like a bad version of the hamster dance in Buffalo all over again.  Danny Briere is a healthy scratch (no the first time this season BTW), and twitter is a mess with people saying that the Buffalo Sabres are deep in “talks” with the Montreal Canadiens about a trade.

So I have heard them all at this point.

Drew Stafford and a prospect for Danny Briere and another center.

Briere to Buffalo with a defenseman (that’s why they called someone up from the Bulldogs right?) for Mikhail Grigorenko.

But the important and constant name in all of the equations is Danny Briere coming back to the Buffalo Sabres.

We were all there that fated summer of 2007 when Danny Briere gave the old adios to the Nickel City for the City of Brotherly Love.  Can you honestly blame him for going where the money was?  With hindsight being what it is, the old 20/20 – Briere wasn’t a dumb guy – and both him and Chris Drury got out before it got bad in Buffalo.

Did it doing anything for their careers?  Drury got lost in the sauce that is the Big Apple, and Briere had some good years with Detroit.  The Montreal Experiment has been, well – when your Danny Briere your probably not use to being a healthy scratch.

But I digress.  Remember when Mike Grier left – he was very vocal that there were problems with the organization.  Everyone hated Grier for leaving because he was a fan favorite.  Then he came back.  Instantly forgiven.  Don’t you think the same would be done for Danny Briere?  Briere is 36 years old and probably on the down swing of his career.

He is under contract through the next season, and has a no trade no movement clause.  Well guess what, that’s the key point right there.  Danny Briere is finding himself aged out of the NHL.  The league is getting younger.  Sure, there are guys that are playing beyond 38 years old, but this is probably the last contract Briere might land in the National Hockey League.

So if you had a no movement clause – were a Stanley Cup Champion, and your current team was setting you down in the press box for no good reason other than they didn’t need you to win – wouldn’t you want to go somewhere that you would get played?

The Buffalo Sabres need help at center, and they have already shown they don’t want to trust in the younger guys that have been drafted that aren’t NHL ready according to Ted Nolan.  Danny Briere gets ice time, Buffalo Sabres have a center.  And guess what, you don’t even have to worry about falling in love and having to buy a new jersey, just dust off your old one and head down to the arena.

So Danny Briere might be coming back.  Who cares.  Him leaving is ancient history as far as the National Hockey League life span is concerned.  If the Buffalo Sabres aren’t planning on making a real push for the Stanley Cup for a couple of years when they think there players they want to build around will be ready – Danny Briere can bridge you to that point as he plays out the end of his contract.

Was I pissed at Danny Briere for leaving in 2007.  Sure I was, what fan wouldn’t be.  Do I want him blackballed forever – doesn’t matter huh – guess it means something that he is willing to come back right?

You might as well put the Thin Lizzy back on your iPod.  Or you can think back to last years trade deadline when Drew Stafford was supposed to have been traded for Alex Ovechkin.

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  • Jes

    OMG Grigorenko alone is overpayment for Briere. Man if Lafontaine pulls this trade I`d puke. Get a real friggin GM in here and let him deal with the trades and prospects. Lafontaine you stick to shaking hands at meetings and conferences. Absolute joke. I am so pissed off right now lol.

    Briere wouldn`t be an upgrade at center at all Tim. Like I said in CC`s article that he is barely half the player he is when he was in a Sabres jersey. Getting Briere back here for maybe just Stafford or Leino is ok with me but anything with Grigorenko they`d have to pay quite handsomely for. The guy is lighting up the world juniors. Best of the youngest players in the world playing in that tourney and he is kicking ass. Unless you mention a bigger name then Briere coming back or a big time prospect in return for Grigorenko then this would be an absolute nightmare for Sabres and there fans now and the future.

    • Ray Rome

      This is all hearsay, Jes. Until there is a trade made I wouldnt get too worked up about it.

      • Jes

        True, thanks for calming me down lol.

  • Jes

    Oh Tim I don`t think Briere ever played for Detroit.

    • Jamnjazzz

      Or won the Cup…

  • Dano

    “.. and twitter is a mess with people saying that.. ”

    Thats about the worth of Briere at this point. ‘ Gossip ‘ on ‘ social media ‘. Hes made of glass and not what he once was skill wise.

  • Thomas Eric

    You see wat grigenko is doing in Russia when u play him with talented wingers he succeeds not burying him on the forth line with Scott grigenko should be our first or second line center and see wat happens bet you he produces bug time

  • Ben Chalker

    No way I’m happy if they send a prospect to make this trade. The club is in a rebuild, don’t pawn your future parts.

  • David Clark

    Again… Leino for Briere (or end of discussion). On the flip side, beyond the idea that Briere could help the Sabres’ putrid PP and maybe help guide some of the younger guys as they learn how to play NHL hockey… if Briere were to come back to Buffalo, get more quality ice time and put up stats. Well, that could make him quite attractive at the trade deadline to a contender… as Briere’s playoff production is off the charts (even in recent years… after his regular season was less than impressive). He’s a gamer, you can’t take that away from him. I definitely do not trade Ott to a close rival like the Habs (especially in a deal where the Sabres are doing them a favor by taking Briere’s contract off their hands). Grigorenko? Better have an impressive prospect (starting with Michael McCarron and/or Sebastian Collberg) or two coming back with Briere.

  • qwicwted

    I was hoping Briere would sign on with the Sabres during the off season, he decided to go home. I just not quite sure how I would feel about him coming back – maybe like Jes said….maybe for Leino. I think there are a number of things he could mentor our players with – shots on goal, rebounds and crashing the net – oh and maybe passing to each other rather than just throwing the puck any which way. You probably could even throw in Luke Adam into the deal as Montreal needs to get bigger.
    While I know Grigorenko is tearing it up over at the World Juniors, I still have questions about him. I can’t really say he has gotten a fair shake with the Sabres, but evidently Lindy, Ron and Ted haven’t been pleased with the effort he gives on the ice. I have no problem trading Grigorenko for Evander Kane or Nadri, but I think he would be overpayment for Danny.

  • jimbobv2

    Montreal fans think this “rumor” is all BS.

    Personally, garbage for garbage (Briere for Leino) is about all this is worth.

    Briere in 2013-14 is a player that has been a healthy scratch. He’s not the Briere fans remember.

    Hopefully he could be a good mentor like Andreychuk was in the his second tour of duty in Buffalo.

  • Chris

    He played for Philly, never Detroit.
    He also never won a stanley cup, but did go to one cup final – again, with Philly.

    A little fact checking goes a long way…

  • JHizzle75

    I would be happy to see Briere back with the Sabres. This team needs more skill players, especially on the PP. If the Habs want Ott or any prospects though….no deal. I would be OK with Adam or Tallinder for Briere, even Leino, but at this point in his career he would be a gamble and not worth giving up any prospects or picks.

  • Jerilyn Bachowski

    Danny Briere has never won the Stanley Cup and he did not want to leave Buffalo. The team didn’t offer to re-sign him at all because they felt they couldn’t afford the contract (Golisano-era). In turn, the team said they figured they had Drury locked up in December after talking with his agent, but never had the paperwork signed, and he walked after the debacle with Briere.

  • Jerilyn Bachowski

    Leino for Briere would make me very happy