The Other Side Of The Ryan Miller Rumours

For today’s article, I’m going to play the role of devil’s advocate regarding the Ryan Miller trade rumours. With all the rumours we’ve heard surrounding Miller this season, we sure have heard from a lot of different people; Ted Nolan has offered his opinion, Darcy Regier had some thoughts while he was still the GM, and new GM Tim Murray came in with thoughts as well. There have been a lot of different people their opinions on what the Buffalo Sabres should do or intend to do with their former franchise netminder. However, we have not heard from the most important person in this whole ordeal pertaining to his future, Mr. Ryan Miller.

While it’s not unusual for a player in the midst of a trade media storm to keep quiet about his intentions, Ryan Miller has not once expressed interest in leaving the Buffalo Sabres. Let me rephrase that. He did list his Buffalo townhouse and has expressed interest in being closer to his wife out in Los Angeles. However, Miller himself has never said he wants to leave Buffalo.

Not once has Miller asked for a trade out of Buffalo or quit on his team. In fact, he’s been playing lights out between the pipes in hopes of winning back his starting job for team USA at the 2014 Olympics. For Miller, this is a really big season; It’s the last year of his contract, an Olympic year and a year in which he needed a major bounce back season in the crease to impress team USA and other NHL teams. Going into this season, I think it’s fair to say there were two pretty big end goals, be the starter for team USA and earn a big pay cheque from some team.

As of right now he’s well on his way to accomplishing both those goals this season and has done so while wearing blue and gold. With such a big emphasis on this season, it really shouldn’t come as a shock to people Ryan Miller hasn’t been interested in talking extensions and likely,  won’t be until after the Olympics.

If your Miller and you’re about to head to the Olympics you really don’t want a big contract extension or debate following you over to Sochi. He’s not dumb. He knows the Olympics are his big thing, knows both Tim Murray and Ted Nolan have expressed interest in resigning, that the Buffalo Sabres have no real strong back-up plan in Jhonas Enroth- Matt Hackett and that the goaltending market is slim right now.

While everyone is busy dreaming up the next big trade scenario for Ryan Miller and the Buffalo Sabres let’s just remember that as far as anyone other than Tim Murray knows, Miller is interested in sticking around in Buffalo. What if Ryan Miller and the Sabres agree to contract extensions right after the Olympics?

Everyone is ready to buy Miller’s airfare out of town, but they forget the three most important people- or at least two- have yet to suggest that a deal isn’t possible. Miller know’s the market is slim, and the Buffalo Sabres will have no problem throwing him all the money he needs, maybe he signs a short-term 3-4 year deal and gets traded in a year or two.

Before we throw a brand new rumour in the direction of Ryan Miller, let’s just remember that none of Miller, Murray or Nolan- and yes I believe Nolan has some weight in player moves- have said a deal can’t be made. Playing the role of devil’s advocate here, I would laugh pretty hard if the Sabres were able to sign Miller to deal by March 5th.

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  • lee Munn

    I would not be disappointed if we resign him. But for only four years. He has proven to be a very good goalie, but a GREAT goalie every 4 yrs. the bigger question is would he re-sign knowing we ar 2-3 years away from being a true “competitive” team. It would also upset a few others -ENROTH, without his chance to play more than 20 gms… plus he would not resign at end of next year. -HACKETT, with out his chance to come up for a real try at back-up. -MAKAROV, this would keep in in ECHL for the full year… As much as I am a Miller fan (yes I have a Miller shirt) I do believe it is time, and a 1st round plus prospect would be helping the team in 2-3 years when Makarov or Ulmark ar taking over as our #1. (I just he goes to a contender & it’s a WIN/WIN.

  • Jes

    It’s time to move on guys. Miller homers just got to realize that.

    And CC why would Miller demand a trade? Hardly any UFA’s ever asks for a trade at deadline. Plus Miller is a classy guy so there’s no way he’d ask for a trade when he’s like a couple months away from the inevitable.

    • JHizzle75

      Jes, you’ve used the phrase “Miller homer” a few times that I’ve noticed.
      Is it so wrong to hope that Buffalo’s best chance of winning will re-sign? He isn’t gone yet and until it happens I will continue to hope he stays. As far as I’m concerned that’s not being a “Miller homer”, it’s being a Sabres fan.

      • Jes

        How’s that being a Sabres fan? It’s more so being a Miller fan then anything else.

        • JHizzle75

          As I stated, Miller gives the Sabres the best chance to win.
          I want Buffalo to win, so therefore I want Miller to stay.

          • Jes

            Ya but the funny thing is he’s an average goalie when the Olympics or a contract isn’t on the line. Right now I don’t think he gives us the best chance to be a winning team. We will be in the thick of things 2-3 years down the road which is when Miller will start to suck considering his NHL career so far. Winning now and investing soundly is what Sabres should work on not just throwing money away like they did two years ago. We all know how that turned out.

  • davidmuscalo

    If the Sabres lose Miller forget about a rebuild, it just won’t happen with no marquee goalie.

    • wolfdoctor

      I disagree. By the time the Sabres have completed their rebuilding years, Miller will be seriously declining or retired. In the mean time all he does is possibly prevent the Sabres from getting the highest possible draft choices. Also, you really don’t need a marquee goalie to win the Cup.

      • davidmuscalo

        Correct, you do not need a marquee goalie to win the Cup, but sure helps if you have one.

        More to the point, we don’t have to wait until Miller reaches old age to complete the rebuild if Murray constructs the rebuild around him, Moulson and Ott, uses the umpteen draft picks to trade for some real talent and acquires some talent – like Callahan – from the free agent market. Also, there is some talent in Rochester that should be ready for the NHL, if not next season, the season thereafter. If Murray can’t accomplish kinds of actions, we need a new GM because that is exactly why he was hired.

        If you think this season is a disaster, wait until next season if Miller leaves. Without a at least an average NHL goalie, it would be a Herculean struggle even to improve over this miserable season. With Enroth, and whomever backs him up, in the net, the team will regress even more. The real shame of it is that there is no one in the pipeline who looks promising enough to be the Sabres starting goalie in the near future.

        • wolfdoctor

          I’m all for getting Callahan and any other decent players via free agency. I doubt they will come to Buffalo though, but if they do, that’s great. The young players in Rochester will clearly need 3+ years in the NHL before they reach their potential. As far as trades are concerned, I doubt any team will trade a top player, who isn’t an UFA, for picks. Plus we’d be fools to trade away our top pick this year or next year. Ullmark looks like a good goalie, but he’s probably 3 years away from playing on the Sabres (one more year in Sweden then probably a year in Rochester).

          Even if the Sabres were to fast track a rebuild, we’re still talking 3 years to be competitive. IMO, I’d rather suffer through one more bad season with a realistic chance of drafting McDavid or Eichel than fast track a rebuild that will get the team into the playoffs maybe one year earlier, but would in the long run be inferior to what we would have if we didn’t fast track the rebuild.

          • davidmuscalo

            Miller may decline a bit in three or four years, but if Murray keeps his word – and the only way he will be able to do that is in the manner I suggest – and the rebuild take only two the three years, Miller will still be first-rate great goalie. Top goalies tend to be resilient. Recent examples are Smith and Brodour.

          • wolfdoctor

            If the rebuild only takes 2 years, Murray will be a miracle worker, but then again I don’t think the team would ever be cup contenders. I’d rather have a 5 year rebuild with Cup possibilities than a 2-3 year rebuild with just playoff possibilities.