Jan 30, 2014; Glendale, AZ, USA; Buffalo Sabres goalie Ryan Miller (30) stands on the ice in the second period against the Phoenix Coyotes at Jobing.com Arena. Mandatory Credit: Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

Buffalo Sabres Trade Rumours Episode One: The Early Stages

In two days the NHL will implement a roster freeze as many NHL players head over to Sochi, Russia to compete in the 2014 Olympics. It’s unfair to trade a player while they’re battling for their country, so GM’s will not be allowed to pull of any trades during the Olympic break.

However, with just two days until the roster freeze talks are heating up once again around the NHL and of course the

Buffalo Sabres, who will be sellers, are right in the middle of a lot of talks. Obviously the official NHL trade deadline is March 5th, so there really is no rush. However, some NHL GM’s are hoping to jump the gun and avoid over paying at the last minute.

This is a new feature we’re going to run where we bring you all the latest and somewhat reliable trade noise regarding the Buffalo Sabres floating around the interwebs. We’ll say what we’re hearing, and you can voice your opinions on said moves in the comments. Ready? Good, let’s go.

  • We’ll start with the Buffalo Sabre, at the middle of all the rumours Mr. Ryan Miller. Miller rumours have been swirling all season long and they’re not about to stop anytime soon. It’s quite unlikely Miller will be moved prior to the Olympics however, Tim Murray is hoping to get something for Miller before he leaves at the end of the year. The two biggest players believed to be in the running for Miller are the Minnesota Wild and Washington Capitals. When asked yesterday Miller refused to talk about his future with the Sabres, stressing he wants to see the plan.

Couple of sources are telling me the Wild and Capitals are looking at the possibility of acquiring Ryan Miller. #sabres#nhl

— Renaud Lavoie (@LavoieRenaud) February 4, 2014

  • Next we’ll move to the injured Matt Moulson. Who seems to be courting a double digit amount of teams according to Bob McKenzie. The Los Angeles Kings and Montreal Canadiens were the two front-runners in the Moulson race before he went on the shelf with a shoulder injury. Talks for Moulson have quieted since, However, many teams are still interested in the high scoring winger.
  • Next we have captain and fan favourite Steve Ott. Who has more than a couple of teams calling Murray. Ott is the perfect type of player a team hoping to go deep in the playoffs is looking for. He’s got heart, soul and plays that rough game. Bob McKenzie and other NHL executives are saying that Ott is even generating more interest than Matt Moulson. The asking price for Ott should only go up and the Sabres will certainly benefit selling him to the highest bidder.
  • The Buffalo Sabres are also open to moving Drew Stafford and Henrik Tallinder by the deadline in either package deals or small deals by themselves- link is the video in the Ott section.
  • As of yet, the Buffalo Sabres have not inquired about Ryan Callahan.

Take these trade rumours as you will. Obviously not everyone of them will come true and there’s a chance none of them will. However, these are the latest rumours that are out there. Hope you enjoyed our first Buffalo Sabres trade rumour round-up, we’ll be back with more rumours next week.

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  • Dano

    Forget Cally, I would rather have Girardi!

    Buffalo should talk contract extension for Ott or offer him a new contract with a raise.

    • lee Munn

      Yes, I would love to resign Ott the most (he’s the best chance of doing a re-sign). But I disagree on the team needing Giardia, we have enough d-men once McNabb/McCabb/Risto/Zaderov & Pysyk join us full time next yr. I would rather have Cally but not over 5yr/30m & I am sure one team will pay too much to have him.

  • http://musingmaryann.wordpress.com/ Mary Ann

    Ok, so we get rid of Miller, Moulson, Ott and Callahan – who the hell do we have let to build a team around? I mean seriously! Ok, Miller wants out, let him go, the guy has given 13 years to this club and deserves a chance to play for a Cup. But to get rid everyone else? That’s just nuts! This isn’t college hockey where you have players that you know you have a max of 4 years to work with and they are gone, this is just most BS – throwing out the baby with the bath water!

    • Jes

      He’s just reporting rumors guy. And this is exactly what a rebuilding team does. Look at every rebuilding franchise there is. They get rid of there aging players for younger assets.

      • Caitlin Campbell

        Umm Jes, I’m a she :D

        • Jes

          Lol sorry CC.

          • Caitlin Campbell

            It’s all good! Makes up for the early times when we though you were a she :p

          • Jes

            Lol yup

      • http://musingmaryann.wordpress.com/ Mary Ann

        Sorry, but you need a few guys around who have been in the NHL, played for a few other teams and have some serious experience. Ville Leno and Knopka aren’t staying around for long – I think we all know that.

    • Mike Lach

      They will most likely build the team around Girgensons, Foligno, Hodgson ( to an extent). They will develop their young prospects almost like Oilers did with drafts puck I hope to be ekblad, Reinhart and hopefully mcdavid. Add that to grigorenko ( once in AHL, he will develop to what buffalo needs). They will also hope a young goalie steps in and becomes next Miller.

      • Caitlin Campbell

        Yup, Hodgson and Girgensons will be the future of the offence with Pysyk on the blue line

        • David Reaper Boehringer

          hoping Armia and grigorenko up in the NHL next year along with Zadorov (who of which i felt was NHL ready ) sabres are only going to get better from here

      • Chris Kapsiak

        Wrong wrong wrong… Firstly did you just mention the oilers, omg they are the worst example, not a player in the world wants to be there and by the time there good half there players would be demanding trades. The grig at Best a second line player and I stress at best. Folingo love em like to keep him but you don’t build around third line talent. Coho best guy but still second line talent if we get good defensive forwards around him. Pysk total bum, yea he decent, but no offense and not strong or physical along the boards. Not exceptional defensively get rid of him for prospects or what ever. In this nhl you want knock your teeth out defense or offensive d man .. you.need that mixture. Psyk falls in the middle. Don’t even talk mcdavid cuz with all the money we need to spend this off season we won’t be in last place and even if for some crazy reason we were at the bottom still only 25 percent chance… It won’t happen this is buffalo sry… Go after Callahan, trade off some other players trades in off season and start building