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What To Make Of Pat LaFontaine's Resignation

Well, it has certainly been a crazy 24 hours for the Buffalo Sabres. Last night they traded away former franchise goaltender Ryan Miller alongside team captain Steve Ott and tonight Pat LaFontaine who was brought in to find the next GM has resigned from his position as Director of Hockey Operations.

Rumblings regarding unrest in the Buffalo Sabres front office broke out on twitter early this afternoon. The two main streams of thought were issues over interim head coach Ted Nolan and the big trade that went down last night. We’ll start with interim head coach Ted Nolan.

Let’s make it clear that Nolan is very much a LaFontaine guy, not a Murray guy. While LaFontaine searched hard to ensure he found a GM who would keep his coach, when a GM is in charge he can make his own choices. However that notion has been shot down as the Sabres have reportedly offered Nolan a three contract extension.

The other notion that LaFontaine left willingly is likely not the truth either as many sources have claimed the situation got

ugly awfully fast and if he really didn’t want to leave his job with the NHL why did he in the first place?

Remember when I said that Pat LaFontaine himself really wanted to become the general manager of the Buffalo Sabres? It appears I may not have been that far off. I don’t know why LaFontaine didn’t name himself GM or if he got spooked by the Calgary Flames GM search, however one thing is clear, LaFontaine wanted a say in whatever Tim Murray did.

If one doesn’t want to be the GM, but wants final say on things the GM does, what the heck do they want? Also remember when LaFontaine was originally asked about Ryan Miller he hinted that he wanted to re-sign him?

For anyone who has yet to read between the lines, I’ll break down what happened between LaFontaine and the Buffalo Sabres for you. There are two options. Either Murray set up the Miller deal last night and LaFontaine said no while Terry Pegula sided with Murray, which upset LaFontaine. Or LaFontaine was not consulted in the deal last night until it was too late.

LaFontaine wanted his opinion and voice heard in everything Tim Murray wanted to do, and rightfully so. Except Murray didn’t buy into that plan. If you hire a GM you have to let him do what he wants, especially during a rebuild. LaFontaine threw a fit and while his feelings were hurt decided he was going to take his puck home since he wasn’t getting his way. In simple terms, LaFontaine didn’t get his way with whatever was happening with the Sabres and, as a result things didn’t go well as he leaves, further tarnishing the Sabres reputation.

Important to note, Pat LaFontaine also left his GM role with the New York Islanders after just 40 days on the job and has now quit after just 106 with the Sabres.

Tim Murray was brought in to be the GM and lead the Sabres through the rebuild, if Pat LaFontaine wanted final say on everything the GM did then he should have named himself GM when he had the chance.

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  • Denis MacDougall

    I have seen some comment right or wrong that at issue was the trading of Steve Ott who arguably has been the leader of the turn in the fates of this team on and off the ice. Regardless this is beginning to look like an implosion and not a rebuild. Disappointing to say the least and begs the question of what next.

    • Mike Flynn

      Ott could definitely resign in the offseason

      • Denis MacDougall

        Hope you are right. Some veteran leadership will be needed with all of the young talent. At this point that leadership is not there.

        • Kevin

          Ott could, but that kind of thing is rarely done. Also, as much as Ott liked Buffalo he is going to like St. Louis even better. Players want to win, and be surrounded by other players who have won it all or share the same sentiment. No, he will sign a contract before the season is up, as will MIller.

          • qwicwted

            Miller wanted to go West anyway – so no biggie. Ott….well maybe he was given a chance to win a cup. Maybe we’ll all be surprised and see him return – I think it has happened one time before…..but stranger things have happened.

    • Jes

      Implosion? Lol that’s what a rebuild is. Trade players who are UFA’s and get top return for them.

      • Greg Antilla

        Yeah, like we really got value in return for Miller & Ott. The Blues had 9 players with more points than Cody Hodgson that they could have kicked back to us, but we got a guy who is good for 4th on the worst team in the league. Outstanding! This franchise is an absolute trainwreck, but the koolaid drinking fans are living it up with their asinine management-can-do-no-wrong belief system.

        • Jes

          Lol seems like you’ve been chugging down that koolaid. You do realize we are the worst offensive team in the league right? Do you really expect any of our players challenging any of the good players on one the very best offensive clubs in the league? You should really compare facts before you just start jumping to your ridiculous assumptions.

          Guarantee you’ll be one of those fans that’s beeking the moves Murray made this year and when they turn in our favor few years down the road you’ll be like “See guys I told everyone that these moves will pay off,” lol

          • Greg Antilla

            Your ignorance is astounding. You really don’t know what koolaid drinking is, do you? If you did, you would have recognized the complete opposite of it in my posts. I’m guessing you don’t understand what a “homer” is either? Or what about “yellow and gold goggles”, ever heard that term before? You definitely need some time off to learn the lingo and understand how to use it properly.

            Do I realize we are the worst offensive team in the league? Absolutely. All the more reason to want a prolific scorer in exchange for our asset(s).

            “Do you really expect any of our players challenging any of the good players on one the very best offensive clubs in the league?” – I’m sorry, was that English? Please repost so I can understand what you are trying to say.

            “Guarantee you’ll be one of those fans that’s beeking the moves Murray
            made this year and when they turn in our favor few years down the road
            you’ll be like “See guys I told everyone that these moves will pay off,”
            lol” – You really have an active imagination, coming up with stories and making everything into a fairy tale. If it wasn’t for your horrendous writing abilities, I would suggest you become an author. Oh well…

          • Rob Dotzler

            Respectfully to Greg and Jes, please, Please, PLEASE stop using the Koolaid reference. Since politics in America has degenerated to the point where we can’t have civilized discussions, the koolaid reference has become a disgustingly easy insult to toss at each other and has officially become the rallying cry for those who can’t think of anything better to argue with. Thank you for your consideration in this matter. Insults don’t really push the conversation forward any either.

          • Jes

            Exactly Rob. The guy came out insulting me so that’s the only reason I’m insulting him.

          • Rob Dotzler

            I completely agree with you Jes. There’s another person who commonly does that around here and other blogs. Sometimes they attack just because they misunderstood what you wrote. I got into a war with the individual and my first post was in agreement with what he had said. Some folks are just ready to start stuff, must be missing something in life. I love a good back and forth, but some people can’t leave it at that. The whole idea is to have fun discussing these things, not get shitty over it. We’re all upset about the state of the Sabres at the moment, that’s no excuse to be attacking others here.

          • Jes

            Well said Rob.

          • Greg Antilla

            Oh, well said Rob! Exactly Rob! Lol, here’s an idea, let the little one fight his/her own battles. You want to have a debate, fine, have some backbone to address me separately instead of playing the gang up game.

          • Jes

            Lol your idiocy is astounding. Very comical actually.

            “I’m sorry, was that English? Please repost so I can understand what you are trying to say”

            I’ll put in simpleton terms just for you… DO YOU REALLY EXPECT ANY OF THE SABRES PLAYERS TO RIVAL ANY OF THE BLUES PLAYERS IN TERMS OF POINTS? We have almost 80 less goals then the Blues. Stewart was there 5th leading goal scorer on a third line. You really think they’d give much else for players who will be UFA’s at years end? If you still don’t understand, you should give your third grade teacher a call tell her she has failed you as a teacher.

            “You really have an active imagination, coming up with stories and making everything into a fairy tale. If it wasn’t for your horrendous writing abilities, I would suggest you become an author”

            Awww poor baby, truth hurt? Lol….

            But anyways, keep talking. Adios!!

          • Greg Antilla

            Oh look, you needed backup to fight your battles for you, using other posters comments as a crutch. Lol, you’re the kid who barks loudly while standing behind the bigger kids in front. Talk about being a “baby”. How adorable…

            Simpleton? For what, not being able to understand the monstrously hilarious chicken scratch you’re posting on here? What’s being translated to the text field looks as if you’re so emotionally charged over there that you’re practically just wiping the keyboard with your palms before clicking the post button. Am I close?

          • Jes

            Lol I didn’t need him to step in. He came in on his own because he knows your an idiot. I was wiping the floor with before Rob joined the conversation and still am.

            Lol wow go buy a clue idiot boy. Not my fault your teachers failed you miserably. Probably voted most likely to be a nobody the rest of his life lol.

            Anyways my friend it was nice talking to ya. Really didn’t mean to show everyone how stupid you are. You have a good one.

        • Dano


          ” like we really got value in return for Miller & Ott.”

          So far, its a pair of picks and 3 players ( one of which is a prospect ). If the 2 NHL players are flipped for ‘ something ‘, there could be significance to it.

          The question to be asked is what will those ‘ draft dreaming picks ‘ become. Its not like St. Louis is picking in the top 15 this year ( or even next year from the looks of their team ) as they are poised to go deep into the Playoffs.

          Knowing they are going deep into the playoffs, why would they give up a good roster player? Why give up what they need ( and presently have )? It would be nothing more then a lateral move, not a forward going venture.

          *I* agree with you that something of known substance would have made the deal MUCH better, but Murray is a draft dreamer. Hes going to stockpile more picks then the U.S. has dollars in debt. Its his motivation of how HE is going to put his name on the franchise.

          The Wings won a cup without ‘ draft dreaming ‘. Edmonton is still a pile of crap after how many #1 picks over how many years?

          Its a madness that you and I have no-say into the process of as you and I arent part of the teams management. ” Fans ” need to realize theres no ‘ we ‘ at all when speaking of a team. They arent on the roster/payroll nor at they part of the decision making process.

          • Greg Antilla

            I agree and disagree, Dano. I don’t think the Blues sending one of the 9 players (again, minus Roy of course) would have made this a lateral move for them. The fact that Miller steals games (he’s 3-0 so far with the Blues, by the way) means, for me, that one of those 9 players wouldn’t have even began to replace what he brought to the table. As far as the picks go, I don’t see any teams giving up a Top-5 for any combination of our random 1st rounders, let alone the usual scrap heap of the later rounds. We were very lucky Miller wound up being so much more than a 5th rounder. I just don’t see a bunch of Butlers, McNabbs, Tropps, Flynns, etc leading us to the Stanley Cup. Solid goaltending, superstar/star first line, and top notch support players equals a championship. What we have now… looks like 10 years of waiting for “something”.

          • Rob Dotzler

            Greg, kiss my ass. Your need to fling insults invalidates anything you have to say. Period. Jes didn’t “need” me to step in, she can handle herself just fine. I just thought I’d point out that you were being pathetic. Again, it invalidates anything that you choose to spew. Pontificate away. I won’t be reading any of it.

          • Greg Antilla

            “Greg, piss off. Your need to fling insults invalidates anything you have to say.” LOL! What was that about the pot calling the kettle? “I won’t be reading any of it.” A true mark of a coward. Spew your dribble, then plug your ears and run away. Big man.

    • ende

      melodramatic much?

      • Denis MacDougall

        Yes, you are probably right. Unlike others I have an aversion to supporting to losing teams that can’t seem to get it right. You have to admit losing has become a Buffalo tradition and I keep hoping for better.

        • Bill Stowers

          Im the same way. Im a sabres fan, a miami dolphins fan, a milwaukee brewers fan, and an indiana pacers fan. See a trend? Lol besides the last one

  • Mike Flynn

    Agree with this why hire a gm if patty gets final say just make him gm, it reminds me off the regier and golisano partnership that really messed up this team years ago imagine is golisano didn’t care about money we could still have db and cd. I know golisano was the owner but IMO you only need one chef in the kitchen and that’s Murray. If anyone is tarnished I think it’s patty he doesn’t get his way so he takes his ball and goes home don’t like that attitude, maybe his hiring was aistake to begin with.

    • Jes

      Nicely said Mike.

  • Jes

    Lafontaine’s a baby. Totally tarnished his reputation in my eyes with this move.

    If you wanted to be the guy who had final say, why wouldn’t you have just named yourself GM and Prez? Lol wow man make sure your mommy gives a hug b4 bed. Going to have to call a guy who works at the sports memorabilia store down here to stop looking for a Lafontaine signed jersey for me. Absolutely ridiculous.

    Total mistake in hiring this guy. I know he’s a great Sabre from the past but this really speaks to the guys character and whatnot.

    So Murray taking over both roles or?

    • David Clark

      I have an autographed book that Lafontaine co-authored… will that suffice? I am completely disappointed in this guy… his quitting goes against everything in his book.

  • qwicwted

    I’m not a big Murray fan because I haven’t been impressed with what’s been going on in Ottawa over the past years. But, Patty had the chance to name himself GM, in fact a lot of fans and people urged him to take the role – he didn’t. I was always a little confused as to what Ted Black’s role was versus Pat LaFontaine’s role. Also wasn’t Murray’s Patty’s hire?

    The Miller trade last night, I felt could have been done a while back – Stewart was only getting 10-12 minutes a game and we knew he was in Ken’s doghouse and getting Halak was a given based on the salary cap numbers. Packaging Ott into the deal gave us Carrier and a draft pick but I also think its given Ott the opportunity to win a SC and I’m sure that was part of the thinking. A lot of teams would have given up a prospect and pick for Ott but St. Louis is now one of the teams to beat. I hope Murray doesn’t trade Stewart as I think he will be a great addition – a Nolan type of player.
    Ahhhhhhh such is the game of hockey!

    • Jes

      Murray’s done a lot for other teams he’s been with like Anaheim and Rangers. Drafting Getzlaf. Urging the GM of the Ducks to trade up and ultimately draft Corey Perry. Tonnes of young talent has come into the league at the hands of Murray. I didn`t like him when he was hired but I read more into his `biography` if you will and he`s done tremendous things. I believe he was the best applicant.

      • Greg Antilla

        You’ve definitely got some serious issues. I don’t know what’s more obvious… your emotional butthurt vendetta against Lafontaine, or how you’re practically crawling on all 4′s eating out of Murray’s hands.

        • Jes

          You’ve definitely got some serious issues. I don’t know what’s more obvious. Your emotional butthurt vendetta against Murray, or you’re crawling on all fours while eating out of Lafontaine’s hands.

          Can go both ways. I supported Lafontaine ever since he came into the picture guy. What the guy resigned just after 3 months and you want me to praise him, maybe throw him a party at the local Chuckee Cheese?

          Your the one who seems to have a stiffy for good ol’ Lafontaine. How much do you think a UFA goalie to be and a 3rd line player can get you lol? Not much more. Probably minus Carrier add Rattie from there side and add a 2nd from our side. If you think we could’ve got much more or even have resigned Miller then your even more dillusional then you appear.

          Eating out of Murray’s hands because I wrote a few good things Murray has done over the years? Lol wow!!

          • Greg Antilla

            First, use some brain cells and come up with your own material. Second, your copy/paste/edit of my comment is illogical. I’m not posting overt praise about Lafontaine all over the comment threads, while on the other hand you are doing the opposite. I’ve been around the block with people like you many times, you’re going to have to do better than shadow argument games.

            “you want me to praise him, maybe throw him a party at the local Chuckee Cheese?” – Straw man argument, look it up.

            “Your the one who seems to have a stiffy for good ol’ Lafontaine.” – Another straw man argument, this time with spelling mistakes.

            “If you think we could’ve got much more or even have resigned Miller then your even more dillusional then you appear.” – Same as above comment.

            Regarding the trade, the Blues had 9 players higher on the stat sheet than Hodgson. We should have received at least one of those players in exchange for a guy who is probably responsible for 90% of our wins this season. We didn’t, and now you’ll enjoy the mediocrity like many Sabres “fans” seem to.

          • Jes

            You’ve been around the block? Lol trust me I know your kind. Wannabe know it all’s.

            “First, use some brain cells”

            Straw man argument, look it up;)

            Who the hell cares if they have 9 players with higher points then Hodgson. We’ve scored almost 80 less goals then the Blues, don’t you think that had anything to do with it? Guarantee you Steen would only have about half of the points he has now with the Blues if he were playing with the Sabres.

          • Greg Antilla

            No, princess, it’s you who still needs to look up what a straw man argument is. “Use some brain cells” is an insult at best, ad hominem at worst. Oh boy, don’t tell me you need to go look up ad hominem now… I will not slow the bus down because you fell off the back. Try to keep up.

            “We’ve scored almost 80 less goals then the Blues, don’t you think that had anything to do with it?” I don’t think you even understand your OWN argument, let alone mine. You do realize what you are saying, don’t you? Let’s break this down… the Sabres have almost 80 less goals than the Blues. The Sabres don’t have the high scoring forwards I mentioned. Comeon now… I know you can do this. Put 2 and 2 together. Comeon now….. think. Think. You can do it. Hmmm, maybe the Sabres scored 80 less goals, because….. the players were…. playing for another team…. and if they were here we would…. OH MY GOD! Really shouldn’t have to spell this out for you, seriously.

          • Jes

            Man you are like that turd that just won’t go down after you’ve flushed the toilet.

            Buddy you fell in front of the bus and I ran you over and now I’m just putting that baby in reverse to make sure you are dead. Got that pooky?

            Are you serious this illiterate? Are you American? Damn that American school system. Failed you. Maybe you got to do what Adam Sandler did in Billy Madison.

            Did you even read my post? Of course not. Of course they have 80 more goals because there a different team. My argument is if you can read properly (Doubt it) is if they have 80 more goals then the Sabres don’t you think comparing there stats to the worst offense in the league is rather stupid? Like your not even comparing top two or three. Your basically comparing there top 3 lines lol. Sabres have the WORST offense in the league. St. Louis has one of the BEST. We needed a goal scorer and we got one of there best threats for goals in Stewart.

            Now can you read that? If not look up your 3rd grade teacher and ask, no demand she help you out comprehend what is being said in my post.

            Anyways man plz don’t respond anymore, just makes you look even more of an idiot then you already are, and you don’t want that. Your a special guy though. Nobody can take that away from you, ok? Anyways I’m done wasting my time with you. Adios cupcake!!

          • Greg Antilla

            “Man you are like that turd that just won’t go down after you’ve flushed the toilet.” – Ah yes, the old “belittle the other person for merely responding” tactic. I’m guessing you are almost out of moves at this point…

            “to make sure you are dead.” – Now we’re at the making threats phase, huh? It’ll be interesting to see how this one plays out. Tread carefully, maam/sir.

            “don’t you think comparing there stats to the worst offense in the league is rather stupid?” – First off, what were you just saying about spelling and reading and comprehending and all that? No really, this is hilarious, what were you saying about education? LOL, pot calling the kettle! Second, in what respect? Player “A” scores X amount of goals for one team, and if we aqcuire him chances are he’ll score X amount for us. Case in point: Jason Pominville. Scored 30 goals for the Sabres in 2011/2012. Gets traded to the Wild, is en route to scoring 30 or more goals this season. Are we catching on? If we had acquired any one of those 9 players I referenced in that trade, they would have improved our offense. Basically, you’re arguing against that is illogical, plain and simple. You might as well argue Jason Pominville did not improve the Minnesota Wild by bringing his 30 goals with him. “we got one of there best threats for goals in Stewart” He’s 4th on the worst team in the league. Kuckooo kuckooo kuckooo!

            “Now can you read that? If not look up your 3rd grade teacher” – Based on the spelling mistakes and rushed delivery, I’m barely following.

            “plz don’t respond anymore” – You’re beaten. What you really meant is, you’re embarrassed and you want this to end. Well, all you have to do is take your own advice.

          • Jes

            LOL keep talking!!! You hold true to what I said before “You are like that turd that just won’t go down after you’ve flushed the toilet.”

            Took you what 3 days to come up with a comeback? LOL…. Did you consult your mother on what to say? Or was it your third grade teacher who wrote it? LOL!!!!!!

            Adios friend!!!!

          • Greg Antilla

            You have completely humiliated yourself and want it to be over, but your inflated ego won’t let you go without getting the last word. Fascinating stuff. May I suggest a mental health specialist?

            Regarding delays between posts, there are some people in this world who have jobs and work overtime, princess. Astonishing that you’ve resorted to ad hominem regarding that, but like I said, you’re out of material and desperately scraping the bottom of the barrel. It’s also incredible how you’re still using your “3rd grade teacher” line, completely unaware of the irony (abhorrent spelling and grammar mistakes throughout your posts). You are by far the most amusing little lap dog I have ever encountered online. Feisty and loud but completely full of itself and a joke to all who look upon it.

            And you can’t help but fire back another big mouthed response… despite saying goodbye every post. Can’t wait to read your next self-humiliating post!

          • Jes

            Lol hahahahahaha keep telling yourself that buddy. Your posts make absolutely no sense even though it takes you a week to come up with them. Everyone here works douche bag. I’m sure Rich, CC, Dano and JHizzle all have jobs yet they comment every day unlike a pathetic piece of shit like you. Always try to chime in when you think you have a good zinger. I say the same thing over and over for your retarded ass to comprehend what a retard you really are.

            Stop humiliating myself? Look at your friggin posts man, read them thoroughly. They make absolutely 0 sense. This whole thing starts with you being a moronic lap dog for Lafontaine and him stepping down. Stop embarrassing yourself.

            So seriously man give it a fuckin rest already it’s been 2 weeks. Subject is done and over with.

          • Richard Spalding

            How in the world is this discussion still going on?!? :)

          • Greg Antilla

            How in the world do you seek out a two week old thread, commit to responding to it and then ironically ask that question?

          • Richard Spalding

            Greg – I’m one of the editors of the site. As editor, I see every comment that gets posted in my dashboard, so when I notice comments being added to a post that is not recent, as I saw yesterday, I become curious. I did not “seek out a two week old thread” – i run the site, and it’s part of my job to make sure the comments section stay civil, which is something I can say you are NOT contributing to. You might pick a fight with Jes, but if you pick one with me you won’t be here for long, so keep it civil.

          • Greg Antilla

            Richard, regarding being an editor and seeing post notifications on your dashboard; point taken.

            However, chastising me for not engaging in civil discussion… while the other party involved has relegated itself into nothing more than a random vulgarity & insult generator (in the last post alone: “douche bag”, “pathetic piece of shit”, “your retarded ass”, “what a retard”, “give it a fuckin rest”)… is quite curious.

            In addition, this is not a fight, this is an argument. (A) If you are implying picking an actual fight with me, I am available during the week after 5:30pm. (B) If you are implying that engaging in debate with you would result in banning, why would that be the case? Where is the honor in running from a challenge? Personally, I choose to be a man about things.

          • Richard Spalding

            A. I’ve already dealt with Jes before, and I believe he has been temporarily blocked from the comments by our other editor. So you’re wrong on one count.

            B. You can drop the tough talk. I let you and Jes go back and forth, and I noticed it wasn’t just Jes you were verbally sparring with, but it got to the point of ridiculousness and I am letting you know that we prefer that it remain civil here. Both of you let it go on longer than you should have, and were disrespectful about it. Then, you had an attitude towards me when all I did was jokingly wonder why the conversation was still going on. I was simply letting you know who I am, that I have a right to comment on any thread I want, and your instantly jumping on me isn’t appreciated. There was no engaging in debate on your end, so don’t try to make it sound like your response to my joke was in anyway encouraging a healthy discussion.

            You have no idea how many actual debates I have had here over things I, or other staff writers, have written, so again your comment about running away from a challenge or being a man isn’t engaging in debate – it’s picking a fight. Yes, Greg, you CAN pick a fight with words! Your “available during the week” comment just cements the fact that you are itching to get into it with someone, which is why, after my first, friendly comment didn’t get the hint across, I responded to you.

            Come to the site, enjoy some discussion, walk away if it gets too heated – not too difficult. I’ve had this chat with Jes and a few others before, so now it’s your turn. Make of it what you like, but it’s all I need to say right now. Thanks!

          • Dano

            This popped up in my RSS feed and I would just like to comment in a ‘ generality ‘.

            Greg : I have, in the past, had a verbal spat of sorts with Jes. I was given a warning from the site Administrator, not a lowely Editor ( Sorry Rich, I just HAD to say it ;) ).

            What I learned and should have considered beforehand is that we have the ability to participate in conversation. We should also have the common sense to realize where things are going and just walk away.

            Not to reflect badly on you Greg, But you quoted some of the terms someone else used and you still engaged in the conversation, same as *I* did. Whats to prove ( really )?

            I look back and say ‘ I didnt represent myself in a good way and was half the problem ‘. Please give it consideration.

            Rich : Even in regards to my past associations with Jes, his input is missing. As you stated on another thread ‘ Where did everyone go? ‘. Sure, Wolfie, JHizzle, myself and a few others are around, But Jes stirs the pot in some good ways and creates conversation that is now missed.

            He is a needed aspect weather we like what he has to say or not. Censorship isnt a good thing but I understand there has to be limits.

            After Jes and I Conversed more, and if people havent noticed, I kinda like the guy. I also like what Greg brings to the table in conversation as well.

            Maybe a rules change should be adopted for the ‘ Sabres Noize ‘ area on discuss that openly states ‘ no personal attacks of any kind ‘ and it could be spammed/mass-emailed to people whom choose to post in the threads.

            Its one thing if people have a legitimate theme of ‘ hey, I didnt know we couldnt call the other guy ______ ‘ and an absolute different conversation where its stated ‘ any participation in personal insulting will NOT be allowed and the consequences will be _____ ‘ right from the start.

            Im sure theres already something of that nature already established. Maybe its time for a reminder of it to everyone? Make an article about what is to be expected of these forums and a re-dedication for its purpose? It cant hurt and *I* wouldnt see such as an insult in any way.

            MANY people come to certain forums because they know there are ( what is seen as ) stricter rules. Im ‘ old school country ‘ and dont care for certain language, pr0n or anything thats denigrating towards others. Thus, Im here on a regular basis of sorts.

            Maybe if people had an update on things ( Im *not* saying its needed, but it couldnt hurt ), it would resolve some of these ‘ flame fests ‘ before they happened.

            Thanks for the read.

            P.S.: Get Jes out of Jail! ;) Im sure Tim will read my post and understand why Im making such a request. He and I both stand for somethings and share some common past ways of life. ;)

          • Richard Spalding

            Dano, thanks for chiming in! You know I enjoy having you, Jes and everyone who contributes regularly to this site around – even as a lowly editor! Ha ha!

            I am not sure what happened, bu I know Jes and Tim had something go down over the weekend. I hope to see Jes back here soon. I finally got to meet Tim this weekend – he was kind enough to come watch my son play at 7:30 in the morning Saturday, and in all my dealings with him I can say he is fair and does not over-react, so whatever happened must have a bit out-of-the-ordinary. Eek!

            I agree that we should have a permanent spot for the rules of the comments section posted somewhere visible – thank you for addressing that, and I will see how we can get that done!


          • Greg Antilla

            Before I respond, I would first like to say that I actually thought Jes was a female. The “princess” remarks now seem pretty funny, though that wasn’t my intention. But anyway… back on track.

            “I noticed it wasn’t just Jes you were verbally sparring with”

            Absolutely. When I was “sparring” with Jes, tribal/gang mentality came into play with several other commenters rushing to his aid. What was it, 2, 3 or 4 on 1? They chose to push their way into the conversation and add their $0.02, and as such I responded to them. Which actually ties into: “you had an attitude towards me when all I did was jokingly wonder why the conversation was still going on.” Considering what I just referenced in this paragraph, you can see how it appeared you were yet another commenter injecting themselves into the conversation and using an ad hominem argument about discussion length to irk one or both sides involved. A good amount of the time, that person goes on to receive the irritated response he/she was aiming for, and then completes the bait and switch by claiming it was “just a joke”. Don’t tell me it hasn’t been done before in the history of the internet… But, I’ll take your word for it and move on with the discussion.

            Regarding “running away” from a debate, I was responding to your half-hearted threat of a banning if I engaged in a debate/argument/fight with you. Many moderators online (by the way, I am one) swing the ban hammer at anyone who disagrees or puts up any kind of resistance to them. Again, I don’t know you, but I’ve known many moderators, good and bad. Debate/argument/fight is loosely interpreted, so your suggestion of a banning for engaging in one with you is what I was responding to. Argue, refuse to back down and kiss the feet, and I’m gone.

            Regarding picking an actual fight, I clearly stated if that is what you are alluding to, I accept. I never encouraged, baited or asked for one. I said multiple times in my comments to Jes that he has the power to end the argument by simply not responding. Does that sound like someone who is egging for a fight? Clearly not. There is no cement. Not even a bad of Ready Mix.

            In closing, I said stop responding and it’s over. The power was in their hands. Why not mine? Because you cannot expect someone to walk away from a conversation where the other person gets the last word calling you a “retard”. I don’t know, maybe men are few and far between these days, but I don’t take no s*** from anyone. Obviously this convo is now over. “Adios” hardy harr harr….

          • Greg Antilla

            “Adios!” Aaaaaaaaaannd you’re back again. Like I said, you can’t help but respond. For all your talk about it having been 2 weeks and the subject is over and done with, you yourself post reply after reply. You’re an insufferable hypocrite.

            Desperate insult flinging basically sums up your responses now. Absolutely hilarious, you’re completely out of material now. “Stop humiliating myself?” Yes. “Look at your friggin posts man, read them thoroughly. They make absolutely 0 sense.” Classic example of the pot calling the kettle black. My posts address your logical fallacies, grievous spelling and grammar mistakes and hilarious ignorance. Your posts… well… let me just play you for a moment “Oh you’re a retard, you suck man, your posts don’t make no sense, you’re an idiot.” I get a big laugh every time I see your desperation and limited intellect translated through the keyboard.

            Like I said, you have to power to end your suffering here, but you can’t help but respond again and again.

  • gary

    I have loved the Sabres for 35 years. I have winced at the “No Goal” and suffered their inability to make the playoffs recently but still remained a loyal follower. I have recently researched the fact that the owner, Terry Pegula, made his billions thru fracking throughout Pennsylvania. He is the devil! I can no longer support his Sabres. It hurts, and I have difficulty switching allegiances, but I can’t give any of my $$$ to that jack@$$ Pegula. Please watch “Gasland” and boycott the Sabres.

  • Cory Buck

    At first I was like NOT YOU TOO, PAT LAFONTAINE! but then I figure A) Patty did the same things with the Islanders and we probably just blamed it on Charles Wang being crazy. B) There’s really nothing to indicate that Lafontaine is some brilliant front office mind. His hiring was largely symbolic to begin with. Tim Murray, on the other hand, just made a pretty solid trade for the guys we all wanted gone. If Lafontaine wanted anything with keeping either of those guys for the next five years, then he clearly didn’t know what was best for this team.

    • Greg Antilla

      Nothing screams “solid” like trading away the biggest bargaining chip you’ve had since Hasek and your team Captain (2 years in a row), in exchange for an average goalie, a forward who is good for 4th on the worst team in the league, an untested prospect, an unknown # overall first round pick, and a maybe-pick.

      • Cory Buck

        If you’ll recall, Hasek — the greatest NHL goalie ever, who was roughly the same age as Miller — only got us a low 1st round pick and Slava Kozlov. The Florida Panthers got a couple scrubs and the ghost of Todd Bertuzzi for Roberto Luongo. Prime-aged goalies don’t fetch big returns. You can attach all the adjectives you want to each piece in the trade, but that doesn’t change the fact that the Sabres traded presently primed assets for future assets which is exactly what they needed to do.

        • Greg Antilla

          You call them “future assets”, I call them 3 coin tosses and a guy who is good for 4th on the worst team in the league. The Blues had 9 players higher than Hodgson on the stat sheet; with the exception of Derek Roy (who would never come back here), we should have gotten at least one of those players in return for Miller. Fact of the matter is, we lost a guy who single-handedly steals games, therefor we should have received a guy who could have scored some game winners for us.

          • Jes


          • Greg Antilla

            Compare qwicwted’s composed point-by-point response to yours, Jes. That’s what makes me “lol”.

          • qwicwted

            Greg, Miller wasn’t going to resign here in Buffalo and there were a limited number of teams interested in him. I think the St. Louis deal for him could have been done earlier this year but the Sabres were holding out for more. Murray sweetened the pie a little for St. Louis by adding Ott and giving him an opportunity to win a cup.
            Stewart is a solid player, he’s young, a hard worker and can score (15 goals for only playing 10-12 minutes a game). We also knew/know that Ott, Moulson, Ennis, Ehrhoff, Tallinder and even Meyers are all on the table. I think the only one who isn’t available is Girgensens. Murray already has said – he is looking for draft picks and/or prospects and if he can flip players for them, he will.
            Another thing you should consider is that Miller, Ott and Moulson are all UFAs after this season – so their value is skewed. Ennis is an RFA and in all honesty, no team is going to trade a Top 6 for any of them, but if your lucky you may get a top 6 prospect or draft pick. Our true assets are most likely Ehrhoff and Meyers and Murray may be able to get something in that area, but I think it would have to be packaged like Ott and Miller were.
            It will be interesting the next 24-36 hours cause if you think we’re gonna get a Top 6 in return – you are in for a big disappointment.

  • wolfdoctor

    From the very beginning I was wondering what LaFontaine’s duties would be after finding a GM. I think he had been relegated to being more of an ambassador than a hands on guy. My guess is that Pat wanted to be more involved in the trade negotiations and was left out. Pat made a mistake, though, by quitting, because he has now twice quit shortly after being hired. Going forward, he may have a very difficult time finding any kind of position with another team.

  • davidmuscalo

    Murray is an even bigger a__hole than Regier. Woe to us Sabres fans. We have been burned again.

    There are intelligent rebuilds and then there are Regier/Murray rebuilds; rebuilds by idiots who don’t have the skills or ability to make wise trades and have to rely on unpredictable draft picks and suspect prospects. Just look at where the Amerks are in the AHL standings, and you can see how these NHL-ready draft picks and prospects are doing – they losers just like the team in Buffalo!

    Those who think a complete rebuild is what will work are living in a fool’s paradise. This is Buffalo, not Pittsburgh, Boston or Chicago. Buffalo is the farm team for the rest of the NHL. Players do not want to play here, but they will come here to build a reputation and then move on to another team through free agency of a give-a-way by the idiot GMs that are hired.

  • H. Gavan

    Lafontaine has been a distraction right from the start. The ownership
    wanted the fans to feel good so they brought a local hero in, put him in
    charge, and hoped no one would notice that he had no substantial front
    office experience apart from his 41 day stint with the Islanders. It
    worries me that Pegula was willing to offer the GM job to someone with
    so little experience. All we needed was someone worse than Regier. We
    all should have known that this was a pure PR move. The important move
    was hiring the right GM. Now Ted Nolan is becoming the distraction.
    Everyone seems fixated on whether or not he will get a contract
    extension. It’s simple. If he does well and the GM wants to keep him,
    he’ll get a chance to stay. If the GM wants to go another direction,
    that’s okay too. It’s been the plan all along to let the new GM pick
    his coach. I hope we didn’t scare away any GM prospects who felt that
    they would be pressured (by the front office, the media or the fans) to
    keep Nolan even if they wanted someone else. (I suspect the Nolan
    dilemma was probably an obstacle for some GM candidates. It took a
    surprisingly long time to hire a GM). The purpose of the Sabres is to
    dress an exciting winning team that can contend for the Stanley Cup, not
    to redress past perceived injustices, in Buffalo and Long Island, to
    Ted Nolan.

    • Greg Antilla

      Letting the GM hire a buddy as coach instead of keeping the one who is motivating and getting the most out of his players is a good thing?

      • H. Gavan

        After a three game winning streak the Sabres are still 3 points out of second last place. We need a coach who can build an elite winning team. I don’t care whether or not it’s Ted Nolan. I defer to Murray on that issue. Murray and Craig Patrick have been associated with some great teams.

        • Greg Antilla

          “After a three game winning streak the Sabres are still 3 points out of second last place.” A last place team which was thrown in Nolan’s lap. A last place team that lacks the talent to be anywhere near the middle of the pack, let alone the top. Look at the performance of the players in the entire span of Nolan’s tenure, then judge. You don’t see players like Ennis floating around and giving up on shifts like they did when Rolston was here, do you? Hmm. “We need a coach who can build an elite winning team.” Coaches don’t build teams, they motivate the talent (or lack thereof) that they are given. “I defer to Murray on that issue.” I defer to the performance on the ice and what’s working, rather than following the management-can-do-no-wrong train of logic and trust a guy who has never been a General Manager. Murray taking a chance on hiring a buddy while there is someone making strides with the players, is not in line with a smart business decision.

  • Bob Polisi

    Only in Buffalo. Just rename the city FUBAR and be done with it.

  • Rob Dotzler

    Anybody else see The Bucky and Sully show tonight? Looks like Pat Lafontaine was actually fired. Due to the wording of his contract, in order for him to receive the balance of his contract, he had to present it as though he chose to resign. In addition to that, he has a non-disclosure agreement in that contract. It appears there were many people in the front office that were stabbing him in the back right along. The reaction of Pergula was one of 2 things, leaks from the front office have him either in tears or pissed off. I don’t know if this show is on the web or not, it’s on WBBZ. I thought everyone would like an update, if I can find a link, I’ll post it.