Playoffs Bandwagon Guide For Hockey Fans

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16. Boston Bruins

Mandatory Credit: Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Team Likeability: 3. If there’s one team we still don’t like, it’s the Bruins. In a lost year though, I have no recent grudge against the team. It was just business in 2014 between Buffalo and Boston. The Bruins revel in their role as The Bad Guy of the NHL right now. The Eastern Conference is a slum of mediocrity and inconsistency, and for the last five years, the Boston Bruins have been the sneering landlord, pushing every team around to some degree, the only consistently tough team to play against every night. While we won’t root for the Bruins, we’ll enjoy what they do on the ice and what they bring to the league.

Win Starvation: 0.

Fan Rating: 8. 100% of their home games sell out, which you’d think would be tied for best in the league, but apparently you can sell tickets to 117% of your capacity. Math is weird.

Cup Contender Chances: 9. I can’t give anyone a 10 this year, but Boston is the odds-on favorite to represent the East in the Stanley Cup once more.

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  • Heath_Hindman

    Completely agree on Boston being the favorite in the East, but you know what…
    if I had to pick one team that could send them packing, it might be Detroit.
    Pittsburgh or Montreal are probably most people’s go-to answer for that, but Detroit just, ugh, they have a way of never going quietly. (And I can’t forget Pitt’s performance last year, ugh.) They’ve got the skill, the experience, and the coaching to make it happen, regardless of the standings. Very interested to see where that series goes.

    Meanwhile, I’m cheering for Ryan and the Miller-Time Blues Band in the Western Conference. Hoping Ryan at least gets to play for the cup if not win it all.