Jun 30, 2013; Newark, NJ, USA; A general view of the stage between picks during the 2013 NHL Draft at the Prudential Center. Mandatory Credit: Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Buffalo Sabres Daily: Aaron Ekblad, Tim Murray, Leon Draisaitl

Good morning Buffalo Sabres fans.  Here we are just a week away from the 2014 NHL Entry – and there is plenty of speculation about who the Buffalo Sabres will pick at number two, and what Tim Murray has up his sleeve.

The Buffalo Sabres released an edited version of their combine interview with Aaron Ekblad.  [CBS Sports].

Is this another tease that Tim Murray and company are really high on Aaron Ekblad?  If not – why release his interview?  Or maybe he ins’t on the list and that is why they decided to release this footage?

The Buffalo Sabres aren’t likely to move up one pick in the draft, but the Florida Panthers are not a lock to select first overall despite holding the pick.  There is a real good chance that Aaron Ekblad is off the board by the time Tim Murray gets to march to the podium for the first time as general manager of an NHL franchise.

Whatever way you spin it – its nice to see a little insight into the combine process and player interviews.

Tim Murray doesn’t think that the NHL Entry draft is about him, but about the Buffalo Sabres; and he couldn’t be more wrong.  [Buffalo News].

Ok, so this is a Mike Harrington opinion piece, but I think I tend to agree.  Is this the most important draft since the team built its franchise on Gilbert Perreault and Rick Martin – drafted back to back in 1970 and 1971?  Those back to back draft picks were instrumental in the development of the early franchise and got the Buffalo Sabres to a Stanley Cup just 4 years in (three for Martin).

Well it looks like Tim Murray has a chance to replicate history – and do it with the 2014 and 2015 NHL drafts.

He has more number one picks, more number two picks, and more assets overall.  Punch Imlach had an expansion franchise.  Tim Murray has a 40 year old franchise with a deep AHL and ECHL affiliation.

This draft is most definitely about Tim Murray, because it is his first draft as the man – and I don’t think Terry Pegula will be patient outside of the window.

Tim Murray is not alone when ti comes to drafting players, his past experience coupled with assistant GM Kevin Devine – the guys know there is no guarantee but they have to hit on the draft selections in order to make this rebuild work.  [NHL].

It is no secret the Buffalo Sabres have missed big in the draft the past years, I am not so much sold on the fact that Kevin Devine is the right number two guy; he did work for Darcy Regier.

You have to continuously stock your system. You can’t miss in drafts –Tim Murray

Devine and Murray have their work cut out for them, but don’t expect to see immediate returns on selections.

Is the answer for the Buffalo Sabres second overall pick Sam Reinhart? [Bleacher Report].

Aaron Ekblad is going number one.  And the Florida Panthers are selecting him.  The price to wrestle away the first overall pick in the draft is just way to high – even for the Toronto Maple Leafs to pay.

So that leaves the guessing game to start at the Buffalo Sabres.  I really think the Buffalo Sabres will be selecting Reinhart, but part of me really wants the Sabres to skip over the Sam’s and go right for the “Deutschland Dangler”.

If your worried about immediate impact – and Draisaitl’s ability to step in right away, stop right there, because the Buffalo Sabres have time to groom him for the NHL.



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  • jimbobv2

    The Sabres didn’t release the video, the NHL did as Ekblad is a prospect they are following along his path to the draft.

    My guess is that the Sabres OK’d the interview to be taped and released because they are going to go BFA at 2 and not BPA. Or, it could be that the Sabres don’t believe that they will have a shot at Ekblad at two. Tim Murray has said on the record lately that he believes that Florida, or a team that they trade the pick to, will take Ekblad.

  • davidmuscalo

    I agree, Murray does have to prove himself during this draft. Also, Murray, from what I have seen so far, is a gambler. Ergo, he may surprise us all and pick someone who is not on the radar. What worries me is the old adage that gambler die broke. Let’s hope Murray choices aren’t a series of busts.

    • Greg

      they wont be, Darcy set Murray up to succeed

      • John Brown

        It’s easy to set someone else up to succeed when you completely empty the cupboard for draft picks. My money is on the Sabres going with Draisaitl.

        • Greg

          Well I was referring to making the right moves for future gains. I agree on Leon Draisaitl, he is a big kid with great hands and excellent vision, another year or two in Jrs and/or ROC will do him some good and help us stay down in the basement for the Grand Prize of Connor McDavid and/or Jack Eichel, depending on how the Isles do this upcoming season, hoping for utter failure lol.

  • Greg

    Murray knows what he is doing, he drafted Getzlaf, Perry, Karlsson, Marc Staal. I think he knows talent when he sees one lol. Murray shouldn’t have any pressure here, he is new and lets remember we gave Regier 15 years and Murray is better at drafting than him, but, because of Darcy, Murray has the assets and solid prospects he has now, Murray cant make a wrong pick here, it will come down to Reinhart or Draisitl, hoping for “The German Gretzky” lol