Mar 11, 2014; Buffalo, NY, USA; Buffalo Sabres defenseman Christian Ehrhoff (10) during the game against the Nashville Predators at First Niagara Center. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Christian Ehrhoff, Buffalo's Newest Buyout

Recently hitting the news is of the Buffalo Sabres newest announcement, buying out Christian Ehrhoff and the remaining seven years of his contract. Ehrhoff, only three years into his ten-year, $40 million dollar contract that carried him in the 2021 season, was set to make $22 million over the next seven years.

This comes as a last minute decision since the buyout period was coming to a close, Buffalo expressed their fear that Ehrhoff could retire before the contract was up, and they would be faced with a cap recapture penalty should he decided to hang up his skates before 2021. Buffalo also decided it was fine to go through with it, since Ehrhoff holds a no-move clause in his contract, which allows him to avoid waivers and go right to the buyout process.

First reported by TSN’s Bob McKenzie, the deal was over and done with by mid-morning today.

Since joining the team from the Vancouver Canucks in 2011, Ehrhoff became a staple to our defense, helping to become a offensive threat on the blue line, as well as becoming a main stay on Buffalo’s powerplay and penalty kill for some time. Since he has been with the team, Buffalo has failed to earn a berth into the playoffs. Joining Buffalo along with Ville Leino in the same year only brings the 2011 signing period full circle, releasing both players via buyout option.

His stats with Buffalo include 16 goals and 71 points, with 6 goals and 33 points this past season for fourth overall on the team.

Now facing become an UFA, Ehrhoff will likely move to another team, as he still has a great offensive presence that any team would love to have.

Buffalo now faces a hefty amount of unused salary to even break the cap floor, standing behind the Calgary Flames a full $9.9 million dollars. That is really nothing compared to a $20.5 million gap between them and the cap floor, one that raises again this year.

What could this mean for Buffalo. Well it could go one of two ways, either they are planning on going on a shopping spree in the free agency with some bigger names and in relation a bigger payroll, or Buffalo could use some of that money to resign some of the RFA’s and UFA’s we currently have, trying to rebuild with the team that we have.

This newsflash does come with some shock, with Ehrhoff now on the market, some team could reap the benefits of a player his caliber.

Sicne the deal has gone through, Ehrhoff has released some statements, but for the most part has remained relatively quiet.

Now facing a long two months before any camps start and preparation begins, TIm Murray has just set Buffalo up for a huge offseason, with new players a must to join Buffalo. Sit back, relax and watch the news roll in.

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  • Kevin

    I don’t get this one??? I can only think that they are playing with fire thinking nobody will take on the contract and we can sign him back for less. Or, since they would still own the rights (I think) they can trade him.

    • Sabres4Life

      The cap recapture was a huge thing. I heard it would be something like $8-$10 mill if he had retired with only one year left on his contract. Plus he didn’t want to be here.

      • Kevin

        I understand the whole cap thing and all. But they can’t keep letting everyone go!!! They need to have some veteran guys on their roster. Who are they going to get to fill his spot? To find a guy that’s just as good or better for a cheaper price tag will be tough to find. The Sabres are making a big gamble. The Sabres must be counting on Zadorav and Risto playing this year.

  • Sabres4Life

    Not many posters on this site?

  • Sabres4Life

    I’m hoping we can just overpay a few not so good free agents.

    Fayne (He is good)

    Those 4 coupled with the resigning of Ennis and Foligno should bring us to the cap IMO.

  • Dano

    the solution to this is very simple.

    Find *ANY* 2 UFA’s and sign them to 3 year 10million/year contracts. Cap floor made and still plenty of room for re-signing those they want to keep.

    Too many people wanted this team to tank to get higher draft picks. The team now has close to nothing for a core, still no proven scoring players and now the veteran defenseman is given the door. Nobody in net either.

    *IF* Buffalo/Murray were of any intelligence, they would ” buy ” Ryan O’ and a defenseman thats worth a damn to help the kids along.

    Buffalo *might not* finish in the bottom 3 next year from the looks of things. So much for the draft-dreaming.

    • Kevin

      The Sabres are not going to be in last place despite getting rid of CE
      for some other guy. Why do fans always think the other guy is better
      than the one you have. The real question here is why get rid of him?
      They have plenty of $$. We need offense. I like Stansny over ROR.