Apr 3, 2014; Winnipeg, Manitoba, CAN; Winnipeg Jets forward Evander Kane (9) skates on the ice prior to the game against the Pittsburgh Penguins at the MTS Centre. Mandatory Credit: Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

Buffalo Sabres Daily: Evander Kane, Sam Reinhart, Roster Depth

With everyone thinking the Buffalo Sabres are done tweaking their roster for the season, are they interested in Evander Kane? [Sports Media 101].

The Winnipeg Jets are trying to get rid of an unhappy player, but the price tag might be too high.  The Buffalo Sabres have the draft picks to offer, but not a forward that the Jets might be looking for.

I like that the Buffalo Sabres might be interested in bringing in a player like Kane, but is now the right time to be thinking about it?

Now is not the time for the Buffalo Sabres to be adding that caliber of player.  You want the roster to be better, but at the same time – you don’t want to be so good as to get yourself out of the top ten of next years draft at your best shot at the draft lottery.

Evander Kane has four years left on his current deal.  Let him start the season with Winnipeg and trade for him at the deadline where the deal might be better suited for you, and you don’t have to jeopardize your chances in the Connor McDavid sweepstakes.  (Yes – I am draft dreaming).

Sam Reinhart expected to be on Buffalo Sabres roster according to Kootney Ice GM.  [WGR550].

If you ask the Kootney Ice general manager where Sam Reinhart will be next season, he will tell you that Reinhart will be playing for the Buffalo Sabres next season.

Maybe he didn’t check with Tim Murray before he made those comments.  Reinhart, much like any other top ten prospect that is highly touted for the NHL – has outgrown his junior level experience and is ready for the professional ranks.

Unfortunately for him, the American Hockey League won’t take him because of his age, and the NHL club that draft him is just not ready for him at any level.  The Buffalo Sabres are in a position where giving Reinhart another year in Kootney is most beneficial for them.  I wouldn’t hate to see Reinhart in blue and gold all season, but for the rebuild to take shape – Tim Muray would much rather not play his prospects this season.

The Buffalo Sabres have the top farm system in the league right now.  [Sports Illustrated].

You almost want to wad your computer up and throw it in the garbage reading the first line of this article.  Give Darcy Regier some credit?  I don’t think so.

It is promising that people are starting to look at the Buffalo Sabres and saying, wow, in three years this team is going to be rock solid.  It is the publicity that the Buffalo Sabres need for guys that are going to be big name free agents in three years.  Hopefully they will be fighting to play for the Buffalo Sabres.

Outside of giving Darcy Regier credit – we have the best farm system in the league right now.


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  • Tennis Newz

    Think it’s best for the Sabres to give Reinhart another year in Junior. With where the team is now it doesn’t make a ton of sense to burn a year of his contract on this season. Probably a better idea to buy a bit of extra time for some of the other young guys to get some more experience so the timing of getting some of them into the roster lines up a bit better. Agree that making a move for Kane doesn’t make much sense for the Sabres right now. That would be like when the Leafs got Kessel, made no sense with how thin their roster was. But I don’t think the Sabres would be stupid enough to give up the high draft picks that Toronto did for a roster player when they still need to build more depth.

    • Goomzy

      All I know is I want to see some entertaining hockey. Last year was atrocious. This year I want to see Sam Reinhart. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. The kid was promised a roster spot if he earned it. If you don’t think with this roster he is not going to earn it people are completely out of their minds. Sam will be on the Sabres roster in 2014-15. Mark my words. Also I like the roster the way it is. Sabres should play solid hockey this year along with still getting a top 3 pick hopefully. I have a feeling though this team is going to surprise and push for a playoff spot. That is only if Enroth or one of the other goalies stands on his head all year round. All in all I love the new players acquired in Chris Stewart, Gionta, Georges, Andres, along with the young up and comers I think they will surprise this year. I also think Ennis, Foligno, and Stafford are going to have good years this year.

      • Sabres4Life

        It’s Gorges. Who is Andres? You mean Meszaros? Stafford always steps up in a contract year so that’s not much of a prediction. Ennis was our second leading scorer so that’s not much of a prediction either.

        Playing solid hockey isn’t going to get you a top 3 pick. Guaranteed.

      • ende

        Sam will be on the roster if it’s in the best interests of the team, no ifs ands or buts about it. You will not get very entertaining hockey this season. It’s another year of tanking so we can get those high draft picks. 2015/2016 is your season sir.

    • Sabres4Life

      Well said

  • Chris

    Dont listen to all this loser talk…’Ohhhh, the Sabres need to plan on being a bad team again this yr’…’ohh the Sabres need to protect their 1 st round pick…. that’s loser talk….. You now have a GM who is building a team much faster than any of you losers thought he could! It’s that simple…. If he can spend one of next yrs 1 first round pics and a Drew Stafford on an Evander Kane…. OMG… we then are real contenders for the playoffs…. especially with the other F/A moves Murray has made… Murray doesnt appear to be done either… Maybe even Steve Ott can come back too….. You all wanted Darcy to go… he is gone.!!!.. Now we have a REAL GM who wants to build NOW… no talk of ” suffering” any more…. Now is a time to be proud to be a Sabre Fan! Now’s the time to start believeing again! Get behind your team…. its no telling what can happen with a full year of Ted Nolan at the helm either….There will be. no ugly beginnings like last year… Get with it… a new winning attitude in Buffalo….!.

    • Sabres4Life

      Omg man playoff contenders isn’t what we are after. We are after a Stanley Cup. Not just playoffs. If you want to be that marginal team that we’ve been icing for the majority of our existence. Without Eichel or McDavid we will be looking at much of the same.

      Adding Kane minus Stafford doesn’t make us playoff contenders at all.

      Sure we have good prospects but other then Reinhart and Armia no one comes close to a top 3 pairing. Most of our forward prospects are 2nd & 3rd liners.

      • Chris

        I couldnt agree more…. just said what i did about being a playoff contender because of all the losers who keep saying we wont even make the playoffs…You get to the playoffs and anything can happen especially with a new found drive and desire that I think Ted Nolan will instill in his team….I think Tim Murray is doing a fabulous job so far…I agree with you,,, its the Cup we want….

        • Rust Cohle

          even if somehow we managed to fluke our way to the stanley cup finals just about any team the west has in the playoffs will tool on anything the sabres put out next year. the depth most of those teams have at center is just unbelievable. if you honestly think we have anyone who can compete with getzlaf, toews, backes, statsny, kesler, kopitar, etc. you are out of your mind. you need 3 things to get a cup. 1. a number one two way center 2. an elite goaltender 3. a solid pucking moving defensemen. without one of each of these you can’t ever expect to get to the cup nevermind hoist it. the sabres are very far away from that but we are building to that. it takes time. it takes being bad. we will lose and it will be for the greater good of the team.

      • Kevin

        Kane over his career has mirrored Stafford. When he doesn’t care he plays like crap and doesn’t produce. I think I would rather keep Stafford than over pay for Kane.

    • ende

      Um, no. One more year of rock bottom tank. You do not pass up the chance on players like McDavid and Eichel, especially when you have 3 1st round picks, with 2 of them likely in the top 5. This is just plain crazy talk. Fortunately TM is much smarter than you and realizes plain as day that more tank is necessary.

      It might help to shed some light on why. It’s simple economics really. Prior to the tank, the Sabres possessed very little value. You can’t trade trash for treasure, and free agency is not how you build a team. The -only- option in that scenario is to self-destruct and rebuild, since the only way to acquire new value in this league is through the draft. Darcy did a fine job of getting that started, cutting loose our baggage in exchange for high draft picks. TM is just continuing that work. TM would have to be a monstrous idiot to not take advantage of our draft position next season.

      People like you just need to get over the fact that sometimes you need to do the opposite of wanting your team to do well.

      • Chris

        we did do the opposite…. and for years too….. we had Darcy do nothing for so long except provide us with a mediocre team and hope that Lindy Ruff’s coaching skills would make them better than they were…… it only worked for so long…..now we have to get rid of the underperformers like Stafford… and replace them with guys who have the desire to play every night…. not just in a contract year!

        • Kevin

          I wouldn’t worry either way. The draft going to be so deep anyway, we are bound to find awesome players anywhere in the top 5, or 10. Tanking a season is taking a baad risk financially. The Sabres are just lucky they don’t have an half empty build every game.They keep playing that crappy team on purpose card that’s whats going to happen..

      • E.R.S.

        Maybe Murray’s so smart that he feels he can build a cup contender without Eichel or McDavid?

        We won the Presidents’ Trophy in ’07 without any McDavid- or Eichel-status players

  • E.R.S.

    Wonder if it’s possible to hide all stories on this website that include the phrase “Connor McDavid” …jeez…

    Also, the Kootney GM doesn’t need to ask Murray before he gives his opinion of where he thinks Rhinehart will play next season. He’s probably seen enough prospects drafted into the NHL that he knows an NHL-ready player when he sees one.

    Also, I don’t remember Tim Murray ever saying that he “would much rather not play his prospects this season.” Where are you getting this info? Share your sources, please. Most healthy #2 overall picks in the last 10 years have played the entire following season in the NHL after being drafted. I highly doubt Murray would ever make such a broad, general statement as that, as all prospects are not equal.

    • Sabres4Life

      He said that he’s going to bring up his prospects slowly and not just throw them into NHL action. He’s said this in like 2 interviews already.

      • Jim Lake

        The Mission is for players at the top of the Draft. That includes 2014-2015 season as well as the 2015-2016. Tim Murray has a three year window to make a push for the playoffs and another year after that to be “a contender” for the Stanley Cup. Dont let all this “Smoke n mirrors” fool you. Tim Murray has no intentions of making a push for the Playoffs. He has plenty of time to develop his players.Their will be no trade for Evander Kane. Mission McDavid!

        • Sabres4Life

          When did I go at all against this statement of yours? The original poster is the guy you should’ve replied to.

    • E.R.S.

      I should I have clarified, my apologies: I was specifically referring to the fact that there is no indication this would apply to a #2 overall pick. I’m assuming he was referring to Grigorenko-type prospects — those who obviously need more time to develop.

  • Cannibal King

    If Kane can be had, get him… now. Don’t be fooled by all the window dressing at FA signing. This team is still the worst team on paper going into the new season. Plus, Stafford, Stewart and Meszaros are already good as gone. I sure don’t think Stafford and our Blues pick next year are going to pry Kane away, though. The Sabres have no business trading their 1st or our Isles 1st though unless something spectacular comes along… Kane isn’t that. The argument could certainly be made that Stewart is a Kane type on the roster already. That being said, adding Kane is also a look to the future… and adding him with the expectation that Stafford and Stewart will get traded does nothing to make the Sabres a playoff team now. That move does however keep the focus on playoffs in 2015-16. I don’t think Murray has the ammo to get this team to the playoffs in ’14-15. Too short sighted for that anyway.