One pending free agent the Sabres can steal from their Atlantic Division rivals in NHL free agency

The Buffalo Sabres proved to us this season that they are ready to scale up and add more relevant talent from the outside and perhaps familiar talent.

Buffalo Sabres v Detroit Red Wings
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Anthony Duclair, Forward/Tampa Bay Lightning

Today’s list comprises players who have been flashy this season and others who have not performed as well. In Anthony Duclair’s case, he’s been a bit of both, struggling with the rest of the San Jose Sharks before becoming more of an impact player in Tampa. 

It’s been nearly a month since the NHL trade deadline, yet Duclair has nine points and five goals in nine contests, plus a 25.0 shooting percentage with the Lightning. As mentioned a few times in this piece, it’s clear the Sabres need one more player who can establish themselves as a scorer, and they have the talent for Duclair to play to his strengths. 

Also mentioned throughout this piece is that Buffalo needs somebody to step up on the man advantage, and Duclair is another name on this list who can do that. He’s been on the ice four times when the Lightning have scored at 5-on-4, and the team’s shooting percentage is a stellar 44.4 when Duclair is out there. 

Maybe the Sabres still don’t have the same talent that would make a complementary scorer like Duclair play like a superstar. But they have far more talent than San Jose, so should Kevyn Adams sign the seasoned veteran if he remains available after the season, look for him to better resemble the player we have seen in Tampa.