OptionIt Teams With Buffalo Sabres


Everyone knows how hard it is to get Buffalo Sabres post season tickets, and when you do get the chance to buy them, you usually end up paying well over the face value of the ticket to enjoy the game, be it from off the street or online ticket resale outlets – worst of all, counterfeit tickets also make it into the secondary market, which makes things even more stressful.  No longer do you have to overpay, worry about the authenticity of your tickets or be left out in the cold when it comes to Buffalo Sabres hockey.

The people over at OptionIt.com have joined forces with the Buffalo Sabres to ensure all fans have a chance at paying the fair face value price for the event.
The concept is simple; you Reserve Now…Decide Later ®.  After signing up for an account at OptionIt.com, you can then peruse the list of games and potential gamesa team has available – and purchase an “option” to reserve face value tickets to that game.It’s important to note you’re not actually buying the ticket at this point: you’re simply reserving the right to buy those tickets at face value on a future date.Sometimes options are available well in advance of a game even becoming a scheduled event or before tickets are on sale to the general public.  No longer do you have to worry about whether your internet browser will be faster than your neighbors for high demand tickets!
When the tickets do hit the open market (or the game goes from “might happen” to scheduled), you’re able to “exercise” your option and purchase your tickets.  Upon exercising, you get a one-time purchase code that gives you first crack at those tickets.   You head over to buy the tickets – not from OptionIt but from the team themselves – so you are not paying anything more than face value!
Now you’re saying, what if something comes up and you can’t make the event?  We all know how important Sabres hockey is, but sometimes, reality gets in the way.  With OptionIt services, just because you have reserved the right to buy seats to a certain game – there is no obligation to buy them; you can sell the rights to someone else, or you can pass on the opportunity.  For a full explanation of services provided by OptionIt and to see what other opportunities are available, head over to OptionIt.com.
Many fans would have loved this service a few years ago when it was damn near impossible to grab seats to a home game.  Don’t get left watching the games from the plaza or from home ever again when it’s the First Niagara Center you want to be at!
Now, don’t kick yourself for not knowing about this sooner, the team and OptionIt have just joined forces to help you the fan out.  Now here’s the best part – if you go and register at OptionIt right now for free and indicate the Sabres as a favorite team, you will be entered to win tickets to the Sabres/Maple Leafs game on April 3!  The contest runs through March 1st, and winners will be announced via our Twitter as well as OptionIt’s Facebook and Twitter– so if you don’t follow us, you might want to click that button or get on Twitter.  Winners will also be notified via email.
Any questions on the contest and for official rules contact OptionIt directly at info@optionit.com.