Final Seconds Kill Buffalo Sabres


"I’m not real happy about that.  Don’t know what to say.  It’s two games in a row.  This time we got bit and we’ve got to be better next time (sic) –Ryan Miller."

I know what you say Ryan, you go out there and tell your team that you have them.  You have control of the net.  Dominic Hasek did it all the time, and the team trusted him at his word, and most nights, more often than not, he was there to bail them out.  Where were you last night like you were Monday?  Monday you made a passionate plea to the team after they let Montreal tie it in the waning seconds, last night, it wasn’t there. 

With the loser point, the Sabres did gain ground on the Washington Capitals (leads Buffalo by three points), and some seperation from the Winnipeg Jets (trails Buffalo by one point), but both teams now have a game in hand on the Buffalo Sabres.    The Sabres now have two days off before they face off against the Florida Panthers on Saturday at 730PM.  The game in hand for both the Jets and the Capitals come Friday night, as they play each other.  The Sabres need that game to wrap up in regulation, and the Sabres need a Jets win.  While it will put the Jets ahead of the Sabres in the standings, it will keep the Caps in striking distance. 

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