2012 NHL Goal Songs


 Around the league, every team has a certain song they play when their team scores a goal. For hockey fans, the excitement of celebrating the moment when their favorite team scores is difficult to match. Some teams have put little effort into finding an appropriate audio track for the hockey team’s moment of success. Others have developed fitting anthems to back the euphoria that comes when the red light flashes.

The art to a good goal song is that it must catchy and allow the fans to possibly sing or chant along. A classic song that has been used for years was always Song 2 by Blur, 19,000 fans to join in with the “WOOO-HOO” of the song.

Here are the songs from around the league, with a ranking on a scale of 1-5 of how good they are(click on the links to listen to each horn and song):

Anaheim – Bro Hymn by Penny Wise

I give this a solid 4, it has a catchy chorus which allows the fans to chant along and is upbeat and uplifting, a good song to celebrate a goal to.

Boston – Zombie Nation by Kernkraft 4000

I give Boston a 3. Not bad but not great. Zombie Nation is one of the most widely overused songs in any sport. It is a soccer song and uses a soccer-like chant. As for it as a goal song, its okay in my mind, again overuse around the world ruined its rating

Buffalo – Lonely Boy – The Black Keys

The goal song was originally supposed to be Wake Up by Arcade Fire. Thankfully the goal song was changed to Lonely Boy, which I give a 2.5. It isn’t necessarily a 3, but not as bad as a 2. It is much more catchy than Arcade Fire and has the upbeat factor, but it is greatly lacking in the sing-a-long aspect.

Calgary – Barbra Streisand by Duck Sauce.

I’ll give them a 3 for the catchy tune and upbeat melody but I’m docking them a point for sing-a-bility

Carolina – Song 2 by Blur with random sayings

Honestly I have to give it a 1, Song 2 is probably THE MOST overused goal song EVER, and that combined with the most random movie lines and quotes makes it a terrible goal song. The only redeeming quality is the Ric Flair “WOOO” which the fans can do too. Along with the song there is a 100-year-old Ric Flair appearance saying “That’s a CarOlina Hurricanes goal! Woo! Woooooooooooooooo! Woo! Woo! Woo!” Naturally, after Flair, there’s an Adam Sandler from Happy Gilmore “Yabba Dabba Doo” and, of course, Homer Simpson going “Woo-hoo!!” There’s even, I think, a Chewbaca tongue roll in there somewhere.

Chicago – Chealsea Dagger by The Fratellis

This gets a 5. I’ve been to ‘Hawks games and it is so fun when they score and you hear the entire arena singing “ba-da-dap ba-da-dap” One of the best goal songs in the league

Colorado – Rock ‘n Roll Part II(Hey Song) by Gary Glitter

This is a 2. This song is used constantly in sports, especially Football. It is also used by several teams this season which lowers its validity. I have not heard this song work as a goal song, only slightly in Nashville where they came up with a chant along with it.

Columbus – For Those About to Rock – AC/DC followed by The Whip by Locksley

Solid song, give it a 4. ACDC invites the crowd to stand and cheer and Locksley gives that upbeat, catchy tune for the crowd to sign along to.

Dallas – The Whip – Locksley

I like this one, 5. The song is upbeat, catchy, and fans can chant along to it. Also the Stars have “Let’s Go Stars!” repeating throughout it.

Detroit – Hey Hey Hockeytown

This recieves a 4-5 because it is original and one of a kind. It isn’t super catchy but it is perfect for fans from “Hockeytown USA” to celebrate and sing in their teams favor.

Edmonton – Dup Dup by Mallorca

This song gets a 3. Its a catchy song with a upbeat tune, but I just don’t see its potential as a goal song.

Florida – Na Na Na by My Chemical Romance

I give it a 4. Its fits the criteria for a good goal song and even if you aren’t celebrating a goal, you can’t help but sing along with this song.

Los Angeles – I Love L.A. By Randy Newman followed by guitar solo with “Hey Chants

I give it a 4 for originality. It is an original song which shows pride in their hometown and quickly changes into an exciting rock song with a crowd chant of Hey!

Minnesota – Crowd Chant by Joe Satriani

Great song earns a 5. Catchy guitar rift . . . driving drum beat . . . and a super-easy chant to follow and what do you have? Probably one of the best hockey goal horn/songs in all of the NHL. The song itself is used by other hockey teams out there, but that doesn’t diminish its awesomeness in the slightest.

Montreal – Vertigo by U2

Normally I would not like this song, but it is the crowd that makes me give them a 3.5. The song is a 3 and the crowd is a 4, thus averaging out. When the Canadiens score, Vertigo begins, but no one in the arena can hear it over the Ole, Ole, Ole chants in the stands. Outstanding.

Nashville – I like it, I love it by Tim McGraw(Predators remix), then Hey Song with “You Suck” chants

This song fits into hometown of Country music with Tim McGraw. However, I am personally not a fan of the music but because of its fit to the city and the “You Suck” chants of the crowd in attendance, it earns a grade of a 4.

New Jersey – Rock ‘n Roll Part II(Hey Song) by Gary Glitter

Too overused of a song in general and is played by too many teams this season. Again the only one that stands out is Nashville, so similar to Colorado, I will give this a 2

NY Islanders – Live is Life by Opus

The Islanders made some noise this season when they introduced a new goal song. Previously, it was a smorgasbord of sound clips, including four (maybe five) fog horns, a drum mash-up, series of “whoos”, all concluded with good old Quagmire from Family Guy doing his “Giggidy Giggidy Goo” thing. It was, how do you say, very unique. As for the new song, its a good song for songs sake, but as a goal song, it gives way to good chanting and clapping but isn’t the pump up song one would want it to be, thus a 3.

NY Rangers – Slapshot

Their goal song is called “Slapshot” and it was first introduced to the Garden faithful way back in January of 1995, on the same night that the 1994 Stanley Cup Champions banner was raised to the rafters. It opens with a fire siren, features a “Let’s Go Rangers” chant in the background, a kicking guitar rip, driving drum beat and gets the fans going when they sing along to, “Go-o-o-o-al, Go-o-o-o-al, Hey! Hey! Hey Hey Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey Hey Hey!” I like it and give it a 5 for quality, chanting, and originality.

Ottawa – Player soundtrack

The Senators are the only team in the league to have a different goal song for each player on their team. Click on the team name for a list of the songs that are played.

Philadelphia – I Like It Loud by Marshall Masters

This song is unique and I like it, 4. It gives the crowd the “do do do” chants and is an upbeat dance tune. Hyped me up just listening to it.

Phoenix – Howlin’ for You by The Black Keys

I like this choice cause it fits with the Coyote mascot. The howling Coyote roaring to life every time they score a goal is something can get the fans energized.

Pittsburgh – Song 2 by Blur

So tired of this song, I give it a 2 because it doesn’t have all those stupid sayings over top of it like in Carolina.

San Jose – Hey Song Remix

This version gets a strong 3 because the remix starts out quiet and then the volume spikes as the crowd screams “HEY!”

St. Louis – When the Saints Come Marching In

4. When the Saints Come Marching In on piano/organ live in the stadium after every goal is unique and clever. It gives the fans what they love, a song that pays tribute to their city of “SAINT” Louis and it is played on the same organ they listen to and love every game.

Tampa Bay – Fluxland by XL

I like this, 4. I have never heard this song before but I like it, especially in the second half when it really picks up. I can imagine fans up and cheering after a goal, then that changes into a mass dance-off.

Toronto – The Whip by Locksley

I got to stick with my previous grade of a 5, its a great song and I see it being used for years to come in the league, by then my grade will go down, but this is now.

Vancouver – Clutch by Electric Worry

I give it a 4. Some Canucks fans aren’t fans of this song, but I cannot help but enjoy it. The guitar really gets you into the song, and the “bang bang bang bang” makes for a good chant for 18,000 fans.

Washington – Unsung by Helmet

I like this song, but as a goal song I give it a 3. It would be a 2 but I love the siren horn. The song is a great song on its own, it is powerful and a strong rock song, but doesn’t include the fans in cheering.

Winnipeg – Hell Yeah by Rev Theory

This song is always a classic in sports, especially hockey. It always seems to work as a goal song. It has been used a lot in the past but I feel it has not reached the point of over-use just yet. It gives the fans a chance not only to sing along with “Hell Yeah” but it is a head bangers song which is great to celebrate to and pump up the crowd.

Here is a list of 20 song suggestions I have for potential goal songs(in alphabetical order):

Raise the Flag – Airbourne

Die Trying – Art of Dying

Push Push (Lady Lightning) – Bang Camaro – would be great for Tampa Bay

That Fire – Black Tide

Pitiful – Blindside – fans could call out goalies name and call him “pitiful”

Hearts Burst Into Fire – Bullet for My Valentine

(I’m interested in the potential for Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked by Cage the Elephant)

We Are What You Say – Dead Sara

(I’d love for Buffalo to use Euphoria by Delicious Red[the Thomas Vanek theme song])

Living In a Dream – Fingereleven

Stand Up – Fireflight

Unstoppable – Foxy Shazam

We Are Young – Fun

The 59 Sound – Gaslight Anthem

Bring It On Home by The Hellacopters would be a good playoff goal song, asking to bring the cup home.

Alive and Amplified – Mooney Suzuki

When We Stand Together – Nickelback – another decent playoff song in my mind

Show Me What You Got – Powerman 5000

Beer – Reel Big Fish

Uh Oh! – Riverboat Gamblers

Hero – Skillet – another playoff or playoff push song

Fire It Up – Thousand Foot Krutch

My personal favorite is Foxy Shazam.

Comment below to let me know what current NHL goal songs you like and if theres any of mine you like. Also, please give me any more songs you think would be good goal songs.

If everyone seems pretty keen on one song I will suggest it as a petition to the Sabres’ Suggestion Box and see if we can make that the Buffalo Sabres’ 2012-13 goal song