CHLPA Clarification


So recently I wrote an article giving a brief explanation about the new CHLPA , and a few issues have been raised that I would like to clarify:

First I would like to apologize for the rather sloppiness and jumble of the paragraph, it isn’t my best work, I will admit.  I am also sorry that there is a picture of the ECHL, it was the closest thing I could find at the time, it has been changed.

On to the issues at hand:

Issue #1: All the facts are incorrect.

All my facts are not incorrect, they are just incomplete.  I do not have every fact out there and I’m sorry if all of my information does not match up with some other article you read, my article was written based on the information I had.

Issue #2: The Union has not been “formed.”

It has been “formed” (it even has a constitution and board of directors) and for the past 14 months it has formulated its stance, however, it is just not certified as a union in every providence or the US.

Issue #3: The players do not know of a union and have not been in contact with it.

That is incorrect.  The players certainly have been informed of the union and have probably been contacted by it, if not them, then their agents have, because the Union is most likely looking for people to support their accreditation.  Also, former CHL players have come out in support, including Taylor Hall of the Edmonton Oilers.  And, here are some quotes from current members of the Sarnia Sting who came out in support of the union in an interview:“I think it’d be cool,” said team captain Nathan Chiarlitti. “they raise a couple of solid points and I agree with them, I have no problem backing that up.” Veteran winger Craig Hottot added, “basically all I know is it’s to get more rights for the guys in the OHL. I think it’s a great idea.” Defenceman Connor Murphy also thought the idea was a good one stating “There’s always issues that need to be kind of brought up that we have opinions about,”. “I think it’s great to have that union so that we can maybe voice our opinions that aren’t spoken out now,”

Issue #4: I know nothing of the CHL and hate it.

I do not hate the CHL, and I may not follow it regularly, but when I see news and read about, I write about it here to inform anyone else who hasn’t seen it yet.

Now upon further investigation, I came across some more news to add to the article.  I was able to find a list of the proposals that the CHLPA is after.

They stated the primary focus of the association was to improve the education packages the CHL and its member leagues offer. Specifically:

  • Abolish the 12–18 month time limit a player has to utilize the current scholarship packages offered by the three leagues, making them available for up to four years
  • Allow players to utilize the education package for non-university schools, including trade schools
  • Apply a $1.50 ticket surcharge to all tickets sold that would fund an expanded education program
  • Establish a program that would fund entrepreneurial opportunities for former players
  • Grant players personality rights revenue from CHL and Hockey Canadaevents

I apologize again for any confusion or missing information that would have made the article a better, more informing read.  I hope I was able to clear up any problems there may have been.  But next time there is any issue with an article I write, please feel free to contact me through twitter, email, or facebook, rather than contacting my editor and claiming that I am vastly incorrect, not knowledgable, or incompetent, thank you.