Power Ranking My Favorite Hockey Movies


I watched Miracle the other day and decided to power rank my top 10 hockey movies of all time.


– New York farmer’s son Dean Youngblood is a natural at ice hockey, the Canadian national sport. After selection for the Canadian Hamilton Mustangs, the future looks bright, even his landlady is hot. He falls in love with coach Murray Chadwick’s daughter Jessie, causing a dangerous tension. Alas, his fine technique has one flaw: it’s nearly without defense against brutality. That’s the trademark of Racki, who wanted his team spot, and now takes it out on Dean and his team mentor Derek Sutton.

– This is your typical Patrick Swayze type of movie.  Someone is doing something wrong, so they beat the crap out of each other till they do it right.  Its an ok movie.

9. Net Worth

– The story of the NHL’s early years, focusing on the battle between the players, led by Hall of Famer Ted Lindsay, and the owners, over issues of benefits, pensions and the like.

– This is a nice historical piece showcasing how the NHL and their contracts today came to be.  Back when players played for scraps and food money, Ted Lindsay stuck his neck out to help them earn more money and benefits.

8. Mystery, Alaska

– This comedy is about the residents of a small town who get over-excited when their hockey team gets chosen to host a televised event.

– I saw this a long time ago and don’t completely remember it, but I remember that it was a cute story.

7.  D2: The Mighty Ducks

– After hurting his knee in an accident in the minor leagues, Gordon Bombay returns home. Jan has been promoting him as a good coach, and now, he has become the coach of Team USA. The Ducks are gathered again and joined by five new players- Dean Portman (a big enforcer), Ken Wu (an ex-figure skater), Julie Gaffney (a REALLY good goalie), Luis Mendoza (a “speedster”), and Dwyane Robertson (a cowboy, good puck handler). They are up against the world- including the big boys from Iceland. Can they win against the world?

– I am a huge Mighty Ducks fan and love all three movies, however, I have to rank this the lowest of the three.

6.  The Rocket: The Story of Rocket Richard

– A story about Quebec’s most famous hockey player, Maurice “The Rocket” Richard, focusing on the struggles of a French Canadian in the National Hockey League dominated by Anglophones.

– This is a really nice historical story about the career and life of one of the greatest the sport has ever seen, The Rocket.

5. Slapshot 2: Breaking the Ice

– With the original Hanson Brothers still on the same minor league ice hockey team, the Chiefs are sold to a new owner who gives them a female coach and puts them in a league in which they are to be regularly humiliated by an opposing Harlem Globetrotters-like team.

– This is a hilarious movie and I suggest watching it, after you watch the first, because it takes the sport of hockey we know and twists it around before finally breaking down its walls, turning it back into the hilarious, primitive game we know it can be.

4. D3: The Mighty Ducks

– In the third episode of this series, the Ducks get scholarships to Eden Hall Academy, a high ranking prep school. But as freshmen, they will have to face the snob varsity team…

– The team is all grown up now and in high school.  Competing on and off the ice agains the upper class Varsity team, this ragtag group of frosh pull out all the stops just to piss them off and try to win the Varsity vs Freshman game.

3. Slapshot

– A failing ice hockey team finds success using constant fighting and violence during games.

– Not much to say here, just please go watch it, it is one of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen.

2. Miracle

– Miracle tells the true story of Herb Brooks (Russell), the player-turned-coach who led the 1980 U.S. Olympic hockey team to victory over the seemingly invincible Russian squad.

– Everyone has seen this movie, so there isn’t a need for me to go into detail.  This is an instant classic.

1. The Mighty Ducks

-A self-centered lawyer is sentenced to community service coaching a rag tag youth hockey team.

– As I said, I am a huge Mighty Ducks fan and the first one is certainly the funniest and best overall.  A humorous take on little league hockey, the antics of Averman, Goldberg, and the gang, led by the mastermind Charlie Conway, make for a fun time at the movies.

Didn’t make the cut: Goon(haven’t seen it yet, doesn’t look great), Slapshot 3(not that good), Love Guru(technically considered a hockey movie, thought it was awful).

**All fild descriptions provided by IMDB**

Where do your favorite hockey films rank?

What do you think of my rankings?

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