Daily Poll: The 2013 NHL Stanley Cup Finals Edition


Jun 11, 2013; Chicago, IL, USA; A detailed view of the Stanley Cup during media day in preparation for game one of the 2013 Stanley Cup Final against the Boston Bruins at the United Center. Mandatory Credit: Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

We here at Sabre Noise have no problems making our opinions known, and with game 1 of the 2013 NHL Stanley Cup Finals dropping the puck at 8 p.m. Eastern tonight (or as close to eight as NBC Sports will allow the game to begin), the majority of us who contribute to this blog have one thing to say:

Go Blackhawks!

With the exception of Founding Editor Tim Redinger and Senior Staff Writer Caitlin Campbell, the Sabre Noise staff has jumped on the Chicago Blackhawks bandwagon and are predicting that Lord Stanley’s Cup will be headed to Chi-Town when this is all said and done.  Here are some of our reasons why:

Kevin Jordan, Copy Editor: I have to go with Chicago. Not necessarily because I think they will win, it’s more like I can’t find it in myself to root for Boston no matter what.

Melissa Kania, Staff Writer: I still think Chicago’s the team to beat. It won’t be an easy series by any means – I think it’ll go six or seven games, and I’d be shocked if it was less – but it’ll be a good one. They’re two very good teams who have done extremely well this playoffs – look how closely they’re matched. I think in the end it’ll come down to goaltending. Look at it: Rask has allowed 30 goals in 16 games, has a 1.75 GAA and 497 saves. Crawford’s allowed 31 goals in 17 games, has a 1.74 GAA and 443 saves. Chicago’s been the team to beat all season… I’m sure a lot of people picked them to win the Cup when they had their winning streak during the regular season. I’d expect the Hawks to come out running and ready to get it done.

A.J. Haller, Staff Writer: Blackhawks, hands down.  They’ve been the best all year, presidents trophy winner, took out last years cup champs very handily, great series against the wings and showed a lot of heart.  Scoring can come from anywhere on that squad and with Crawford playing solid, the B’s don’t have a chance.  And also because I hate the Bruins. they won’t win…

Cory Buck, Staff Writer: Chicago in 7. Best team all year. Best team in this series. And I really hate the Bruins.

Travis Hoh, Social Media Manager: Blackhawks in 6, simply due to the fact that I loathe Boston sports.

Andrew Haines, Staff Writer: ‘Hawks in 7.

Jun 11, 2013; Chicago, IL, USA; A general view of the ice during media day in preparation for game one of the 2013 Stanley Cup Final between the Boston Bruins and Chicago Blackhawks at the United Center. Mandatory Credit: Rob Grabowski-USA TODAY Sports

That’s six votes for Chicago, and four votes for “I hate the Bruins.”

Surprisingly, Tim, who as many of you know is no fan of the Bruins either, has picked Boston to win it all: “I am going to go with a Boston cup this year.  Just the way things have panned out and how everything looks, Boston looks like a freight train that’s going to barrel through anything that stands in its way.”

Meanwhile, Caitlin found herself on the fence: “I don’t know who to pick as both teams are different yet similiar and are pretty evenly matched. I think I’m going to go with Boston in 7 games because of their depth, Tuukka Rask and their ability to make star players’ lives miserable. We’ve seen a bit of the reaction from Jonathan Toews throughout these playoffs which is unusual for him and Boston will most likely target his temper.  I see this going 7 games and being one of the best finals we’ve seen in awhile. Two original 6 teams battling it out; Chicago hoping to validate their near perfect season and Boston looking to prove they are a team that shouldn’t be over-looked.”

As for me, I’m still hoping Anaheim can find a way to pull this thing out!  More importantly, who do you believe is going to grin like madmen as they hoist Lord Stanley’s Cup to cap the 2012-2013 NHL season?