Poll: The Worst Player For the Buffalo Sabres Thus Far…


Last night’s effort from the Buffalo Sabres was much better, but in typical Buffalo Sabres fashion they still found a way to lose the game. No matter how well they played last night, the bottom line is the Buffalo Sabres still sit winless four games in. We have two solid goaltenders who have been standing on their heads between the pipes but the offence keeps letting them down.

Today I’ve been assigned the task of being the negative one as Rich tackles the positive side. Now you’re probably sitting there wondering

Mandatory Credit: Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

what positive side we’re talking about with a winless team, but somewhere, if you look hard enough there are positives. In Rich’s poll you’ll have a chance to vote for who you think has been the best Buffalo Sabre through the first four games. In this poll you’ll have the chance to vote for who you think has been the worst Buffalo Sabre. Make sure you have your say in both polls!

Picking players who haven’t been playing well for the Sabres isn’t a difficult task as there are only 5 players who have registered a point. Compare that to a team in first place like the Toronto Maple Leafs- man that hurt to type- where they have 12 players who have registered a point and you realize the Sabres have a lot of work to do as a team.

The answer to the Sabres struggles is pretty simple; Score more goals. They scored two goals last night and that’s the most they’ve recorded in a game this season. It’s rare to win a hockey game when you score less than 3 goals and right now the Sabres are struggling to score just 1.

So, who has been the worst player for the Sabres thus far? You can’t blame the netminders as they’ve been playing unreal to start off the year. Next you move to the defence. Rasmus Ristolainen hasn’t looked great but he’s a young, rookie of course he’s going to make mistakes. Tyler Myers seems to be bouncing back, but he’s still making his fair share of mistakes in his own end. Finally we reach the forwards who can’t seem to score. Drew Stafford and Mikhail Grigorenko have both looked lost out on the ice. The game seems to fly past them as they just stand and watch the other team and that’s a cause for concern especially with Grigorenko. What about a player like Thomas Vanek who has been limited to just 1 goal? Sure he hasn’t exactly been playing poorly, but I think everyone was expecting more from him.

When you look at the Sabres roster there are no shortages of disappointment right now. To see 3/4 of the team without a point, including road captain Steve Ott and rookie sensation Grigorenko leaves you shaking your head.

So place your vote for the player who has been performing the worst to kick off the season. Let me know in the comments who you chose and why.