A Brand New Luke Adam


They say good things come in three’s and when you look around the sports world there are lots of symbols that utilize that say. In baseball a batter receives 3 strikes before they are out, in the CFL (Canadian football) a team has 3 downs, in the NHL there are 3 periods of hockey and 3 shooters in the beginning of a shootout and in the NFL a field goal is worth 3 points. Anyways, I think you get the picture; there are lot’s of 3’s in the sports world and for Luke Adam that’s a good thing.

Luke Adam is once again back with the Buffalo Sabres as he looks to convince new management that he deserves a spot on the Sabres

Mandatory Credit: Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

going forward. One could call this Luke Adam’s 3rd strike as this is his 3rd attempt with the Sabres, but in his favour this time is new management.

It’s no secret that Adam fell out of favour during the Lindy Ruff and Darcy Regier era, but now that they’re gone Adam is getting a clean slate on his third pitch to make the Sabres.

During his last three stints with the Sabres, Adam showed signs of a very bright future but each time the bad outweighed the good as he racked up 25 points in 75 games. But there is just something different about Luke Adam’s latest time with the blue and gold. He started off the year well in Rochester, putting up 18 points in 15 games (13+5) and leading the Amerks in scoring. Adam was on fire and fully deserved his latest call up.

As we’ve watched Adam in his first few games with the Sabres there is something different, it’s beginning to appear that he has matured and is ready for a full-time gig in the NHL. This year Adam came in without his entitlement attitude and instead worked hard to earn his ice and points and he’s reaping the benefits. He back-checks, hits and is focused on making sure his whole line produces instead of just himself.

Since being recalled he has been one of the best players through his first 5 games and he leads the team in Corsi, but if history is any indicator the upside with Adam often comes with an even bigger downside. This summer the Buffalo Sabres resigned Adam in a controversial move, but that means that someone, somewhere in the organization still had faith in Adam and there is reason to think he pan out and end his roller coaster career.

As mentioned above, he dropped his entitlement attitude and took a new philosophy toward his career. He’s worked hard and is continuing to work hard as he battles to prove his worth. Most importantly there is shown improvement on the ice. His line with Zemgus Girgensons and Steve Ott has been one of the best lines at generating offence on a nightly basis. They may not be producing a lot- but who is on this Sabres team- but they are generating offence and creating chemistry. Adam is like a completely different player and that bodes well for his future.

"“I think each and every game I’ve been playing since I’ve got here, I’ve been building a little bit at a time and getting more and more confident.” ~Luke Adam quote from Sabres 101"

Luke Adam appears to have brought his “A-game” with him for his latest shot at the Sabres. He appears determined to prove he’s worth a spot on the roster and is continually impressing each game he plays. Only time will tell if Adam has changed his game and can avoid the slumps colder than February in which he goes through, but right now all things point to a bright future for Luke Adam.