Why the Buffalo Sabres Should Go After Nazem Kadri


The Buffalo Sabres are in rebuilding mode and while nabbing players through the draft is one way to rebuild a team, acquiring young players with great potential is a much better and faster way to rebuild. Adding Nazem Kadri would be a great way to add another piece to the rebuilding puzzle of the Buffalo Sabres.

Today, Dave Nonnis and the Toronto Maple Leafs announced that Nazem Kadri was officially on the market and open for trades.

Nazem Kadri was drafted 7th overall in 2009 by the Toronto Maple Leafs, the same year the Buffalo Sabres drafted Zack Kassian. This

Mandatory Credit: Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

is quite an odd move by the Leafs who appear to be giving up on their 23 year old prospect after years of controversy which has surrounded him since day one.

After a rocky start and lot’s of criticism from both the media and former coach Ron Wilson, Kadri has finally earned his spot on the Leafs roster and has shown that he has the potential to be a dangerous scorer in the NHL. While he hasn’t been able to beat out Tyler Bozak as the Leafs first line centre he could easily be a second or first line centre for the rebuilding Buffalo Sabres.

Kadri has put up 37 goals and 86 points in 136 games with the Toronto Maple Leafs, but his relationship with the Leafs organization has not been great and it appears the Leafs have finally reached their limit. He was key in the Leafs return to the playoffs last season and was off to a decent start this season. So what’s the problem with Nazem Kadri? A kid who has all the potential and skill to be a solid young hockey player- simply, his ego.

It’s been said- by Randy Carlyle himself- that Kadri has all the skill and potential to be a superstar, but he believe’s he has already arrived at the level of being a superstar. In simple, Kadri think’s he is the bee’s knees and his ego is beginning to effect his development.

Although a young player with a massive ego is never good the Buffalo Sabres should still take a stab at Nazem Kadri and with just a $2.9 million cap hit, it’s worth a shot. Sometimes all a player like Kadri needs is a trade to wake them up and make them realize they aren’t the next Wayne Gretzky, I mean it seems to be working for Tyler Seguin.

Despite the fact he could use a major attitude adjustment, Kadri could be the perfect player for the rebuilding Buffalo Sabres. A solid second line centre with the potential to be a first line centre, excellent hockey skill and IQ and if he gets traded a chip on his shoulder as he looks to prove the Leafs wrong.

His attitude is certainly a concern but Ted Nolan could be the right guy to knock that ego back into place. Nolan seems to have a way with certain young players. He’s helped Tyler Myers re-find his game, he’s gotten Marcus Foligno playing the game he needs to in order to succeed and Zemgus Girgensons has been on fire since Nolan took over. If Nolan can get through to Kadri and the Sabres pony up the money after next season Kadri alongside Matt Moulson, Zemgus Girgensons and Cody Hodgson could be the new Buffalo Sabres core through the rebuild.

If the Sabres can get Nazem Kadri to drop his ego and work hard he could easily become the Sabres number one centre of the future. Imagine him playing on a line with Girgensons and Moulson? The Sabres need to get a new GM and make a splash by landing Kadri.

What do you think about Nazem Kadri? Should the Sabres make a move for him? What would you give up to land Kadri?