Top 10 NHL Saves of 2013

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The year of 2013 is quickly coming to an end and while all of us here at SabreNoise are Buffalo Sabres fans, we are also hockey fans who love to see highlight reel goals and jaw dropping saves. 2013 has featured some amazing goals and saves and we want to share them

with y’all as we take a look back at the best saves from 2013.

We’ll try not to let our Buffalo Sabres bias sneak through in the rankings, but you never know.

To be a goaltender in the NHL you need skill, size, strength, athleticism and a little bit of luck. These next 10 NHL saves have all of those attributes as these goaltenders leave you speechless. If you get an itch to strap on the pads and play a little ball hockey after this list, we apologize.