Thomas Vanek Connected To Gambling Ring


It appears Thomas Vanek is a betting man after all he was likely betting he would head to Minnesota. Wonder if he bet on a trade out of Long Island too. Oh I’m so puny. Today news has broken that ties the former Buffalo Sabres forward to a gambling ring as the Federal government is interviewing him as part of an investigation.

There is no direct report about how deeply involved Thomas Vanek is with the gambling ring and some are calling him “just a witness” but the fact he’s been linked to a gambling ring is hilarious in and of itself. Wonder if that’s why he didn’t perform like the player we all know he used to be for Montreal. After all he didn’t exactly have is A game for Montreal late last season, not saying that’s the case but come on! The investigation primary focuses on restaurant owners from New York who appear to have taken a bit of a leap from betting on whether or not the customers like their food. Also worth noting is Nathan Paetsch, Vanek’s former Sabres teammate from 2005-10 is reportedly “involved in a partnership” with the restaurant owners. 

Maybe Thomas Vanek is just an innocent witness, but as previously mentioned, it certainly is interesting having the former Buffalo Sabres top player involved with less than clean people no? The three owners are accused of running a sports betting ring and somehow, some way, Vanek is involved.

Vanek released the following statement after declining to answer questions about the investigation on camera.

"“Representatives of the U.S. Federal Government have asked for my cooperation in an investigation. I am not the subject of any investigation or prosecution. I will fully cooperate with the U.S. Federal authorities in their investigation or in any proceedings arising out of it.“"

How deep Vanek is in the gambling ring remains to be seen, perhaps he is just an innocent witness, however he did play less than an hour away from the restaurant where the gambling ring was held during his days with the Buffalo Sabres.

Also worth noting is how the NHL will react to the news. In most contracts the players are expected to stay away from sports gambling rings, keeping their game separate. Whether he’s jsut a witness or has deeper ties, it will be interesting to see what the NHL and NHLPA have to say going forward.

Will this latest news tarnish Thomas Vanek’s reputation even further? He wanted out of Buffalo, refused to sign big money with the New York Islanders and didn’t play big for the Canadiens when they really needed him. I guess those betting on Vanek being a flop in Montreal are smilling ear too ear right now eh? Okay, okay that’s enough punning around, all bets are off relating to Thomas Vanek going forward.