Buffalo Sabres Behind The Numbers: -981, 31.66


The Buffalo Sabres are just past halfway in the season having played 47 games so far.  As of right now they are in last place by two points.  The Edmonton Oilers have started to come around and have past the Buffalo Sabres obtaining 33 points, the Sabres are sitting with 31 points.

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  • Statistically speaking, well in all actuality, the Buffalo Sabres have not played well in any form this year, except of that little stint that got the McDavid/Eichel Sweepstakes hopefuls a little worried in December, but here they are at the bottom of the league again, sole possession of last place, all by themselves.

    Behind the numbers is a statistical outlook of what has been going on this year, for the Sabres and in some case, like today’s stat a look and question as to how they can be really be that bad.

    Our statistical outlook is -981, that is quite a big number and with the negative we can also assume that it is not a good number, but most negative numbers are not good unless you are on the golf course and putting for a major championship.  But for our case, negatives are not good, and big ones are even worse.

    So out number, -981 is the current stat for the Buffalo Sabres and their Corsi score.  Now for those of you that are unfamiliar with the Corsi stat and how it is figured out, Jim Corsi, long time goalie coach for the Buffalo Sabres, put together this little gem.  What Corsi is, is a look at total shots as a whole.  It takes into account the Shots on net, along with the attempted shots that were blocked and the attempted shots that were missed.  Each teams shots are then added up to get a score, the Corsi number.  It is then compared to the other teams number.  So, say that the Buffalo Sabres attempt a total of 35 shots and the other team attempts a total of 40 shots.  These would be the Corsi’s scores for both teams and when analyzed the Sabres would be classified as having a -5 Corsi for the night.

    Starting to make sense? Hope so.

    So back to our looming -981 stat.  This is the Buffalo Sabres Corsi number to date through 47 games.  They have been out-attempted-shot by 981 times.  In half of a year, people. In 47 games other teams have attempted almost 1000 more shots than the Buffalo Sabres.

    The Buffalo Sabres, all of last year finished with a Corsi score of -967.  We are already over that and just over half way in the season.

    The Sabres have attempted just under 1500 shots so far in the season, 1488 in reality.  That is an average of 31.66 attempted shots per game.  That is certainly not going to any games no matter who is on your team.

    The Sabres need to start winding up and taking more shots.  Can’t score if you don’t shoot and the Sabres are not shooting and certainly not scoring either.

    Stats were taken from War-on-ice.com

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