Buffalo Sabres Behind The Numbers: Goal Differential


The Buffalo Sabres are set to start their second half of the season tomorrow night, even though we are just past the halfway point, but they are close to it, and we just did finish their long all star break, which was much needed for the Sabres to begin to figure out how to fix some things.

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  • We took a look at the Cosri score for the Buffalo Sabres last time and found that we had to move the graph because of the gross amount of space between them and the rest of the league, this not being a good thing either.

    The Buffalo Sabres are being out-shot in every game and it is more comical than anything else right now.  They are on pace to set a new losing streak record and it could be tied by the end of the month.

    With the Buffalo Sabres being out shot by whats seems to be almost 30 shots a game, the stat that we are going to be looking at today will make sense.  The old adage of you have to shot to score comes into play with this one. Another one that comes to mind is the simple strategy of scoring more than your opponent.  Both of which are not being done by the Sabres.

    OK so back to our stat, goal differential.  This is the difference in the amount of goals that the Buffalo Sabres score versus their opponents.

    As of right now, through 47 games, the Buffalo Sabres have scored a total of 63 goals.  This is coming out to be just over a goal a game.  It is exactly 1.34 goals per game.  The Buffalo Sabres have allowed a total of 105 goals in 47 games.  This comes out to be exactly 2.23 goals per game.

    So we know that the Buffalo Sabres are being outscored almost by a 2-1 margin as an average.

    The goal differential for the Buffalo Sabres through 47 games is a -42.  So the numbers are also showing us this as well.  A 2-1 average of goals allowed versus goals for.

    You have to shot to score, and the Cosri stat is showing that they don’t shoot.  Score more than your opponents, well we know that isn’t happening either.

    A positive that can be taken out of this is if you look at last years numbers, the Buffalo Sabres had a greater goal differential with them sitting at a -69 last year, so they are not as bad as they were last year, but there is still a lot of hockey to play.  Just wait and see where they land this year.

    The Sabres need to take more shots, which will in turn provide more scoring chances, and quite possibly more goals.  But these as always are only theories and usually look better on paper than in actuality.

    All stats were taken from Man-On-Ice.com

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