Buffalo Sabres Weekly Preview and Predictions: Jan 26th


The Buffalo Sabres, along with the rest of the NHL, will get back to action this week after the long all-star break that just ended, with a record goal scoring event of 29 goals called the All-Star game, but I guess that happens when there is no defense, and not much to play for either.

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  • Either way for whatever the reasons are, the NHL is back in action.

    Here is what the Buffalo Sabres are coming back to to finish out the month of January and quite possibly, tie the record for longest losing streak.  We will take a look at it and just how possible it will be for them to possibly tie or even break it, within the next couple of games.

    Key Games

    Calgary Flames

    • Calgary has played 47 games and has a 25-19-3 record with 53 points.
    • They are averaging 2.83 goals per game and allowing an average of 2.64 games per game.
    • They are being out shot by just over 1 shot per game 27.0-28.1.
    • They have a PP% of 16.5 and a PK% of 77.0.

    Edmonton Oilers

    • Edmonton has played 47 games and has a 12-26-9 record with 33 points.
    • They are averaging 2.26 goals per game but are allowing an average of 3.30 goals per game.
    • They are being out shot by just under 2 shots per game 27.8 to 29.6.
    • The have a PP% of 14.0 and a PK% of 79.4

    Vancouver Canucks

    • Vancouver has played a total of 45 game with a record of 26-16-3 with 55 points.
    • They are averaging 2.71 goals per game and allowing an average of 2.51 goals per game.
    • They are out shooting their opponents 29.4 to 28.8 per game.
    • They have a PP% of 18.7 and a PK% of 88.3


    The Buffalo Sabres have 3 games left in the month of January.  They are sitting with a losing streak of 11 games at this point based on the information provided at NHL.com.  With the Buffalo Sabres slowing approaching the league record for a losing streak, 17 games, which has been set twice, ’74-75 Capitals and ’92-93 Sharks, the Sabres might be the 3rd team in NHL history to hit this numbered streak.

    With the three games that they are looking at facing this week and for the rest of the month, it is quite possible that this streak continues into February.  The Buffalo Sabres will lose to the Calgary Flames and to the Vancouver Canucks.  The only game that might have a possibility of a win is against the Edmonton Oilers, which is set for this Thursday.

    I personally have a feeling that they are going to lose all three games as they are on a road trip to the Western part of Canada and they have never done really well when travel on road trips to the west.

    The Buffalo Sabres will lose all three this week and move their losing streak to 14 games going into February.

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