NHL Trade Deadline Approaches, Buffalo Sabres Quiet


The NHL trade deadline is fast approaching, and one has to wonder when the Buffalo Sabres will start dealing pieces.  Tim Murray is not going to let expiring contracts get out of his grasp without getting something for his players, but at this point, what can he get for some of them ahead of or on the NHL trade deadline that freezes rosters in place?

Next season should be better for the Buffalo Sabres, but how much so?  The team has sunk to the lowest points in likely franchise history, and no amount of infrastructure built around the organization, i.e. the Harbor Center is going to attract big name free agents to the team.  The only thing that is going to do that is winning.

The Buffalo Sabres have players that will be on this team in the future, but how many of them are currently playing in a blue and gold uniform.

The goal for Tim Murray since taking over was to restock the organization, and to do it by not letting expiring contracts go out the door.

Ted Black this morning on WGR with Howard and Jeremy spoke of the devastating effect that losing free agents for nothing had on this franchise ten years ago.

Last off season Tim Murray used free agency as a way to put together a team that got him to the salary cap floor.  Sure along the way he added some veteran guys that will help mold the youth of this team, but he ultimately put together a team that he could just as easily tear apart in the quest for a future.

Mike Richards recently cleared waivers.  His ugly contract helped dictate that.  The Sabres could have easily picked up Richards to keep them at the cap floor without having to resign players like Andrej Meszaros to short deals solely to fill up cap space.  On top of that where do you put Richards on the lineup card next year and beyond.

It’s easy to talk about trading players in fatasy hockey….

Tim Murray talks about trades like a man who is trying to protect the players more than develop a winning hockey team.  My boss cares nothing about the fact that I have a family, a mortgage, student loans, living the American Dream – if I am not performing in my position, I am replaced.  I haven’t been making six figures to have a nice little nest egg to hold me over until the next day.  A hockey player gets traded, guess what, he is still getting a paycheck and playing hockey, the city just changes.  Boo-hoo that he might have to move his family and his kids (if any).  I am not saying it is hard on them, but it is a part of the game that you decided to make a career path.

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With the NHL trade deadline just about a month of way, there has been very little in terms of teams moving pieces ahead of what is one of the craziest days in sports.

NHL Trade Deadline Targets

Tim Murray points out the number of rumors surrounding, and is most certainly right.  How many times have we discussed how guys like Drew Stafford have no place on this team in the future, and that Tyler Myers could fetch a huge draw to the right team looking to add that kind of size on their blue line.  But Tyler Myers isn’t being shopped around, but Tim Murray is a good listener.

The Buffalo Sabres have a roster of players, that when you look up one side of the bench and down the other, how many guys that appeared in a blue and gold uniform remain on this team just one season from now?

You might be able to count on one hand how many guys deserve to still be here.

The Buffalo Sabres are mired in a twelve game losing streak that doesn’t appear to have an end in sight.   Tim Murray’s value for his players might still be to high for other teams that would only be renting.  Times like this you hope he has the same magic that got the Buffalo Sabres a first round draft pick for Paul Gaustad.

It is going to get worse before it gets better.  This team is showing us that.  What new faces will we see on NHL Trade Deadline day, and who will we be saying a fond farewell too?

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