Buffalo Sabres February Monthly Outlook


The Buffalo Sabres have finished the Month of January and did not have a lot to show for it.  So we will move on to the month of February and hope for a better out come, but in this case, the old adage it can’t get any worse, would hit the nail right on the head, because for the Buffalo Sabres, it can’t get any worse that it already has with them losing every single game in the month of January, that is correct all 11 games in January and no points to show for it.

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  • There are 13 games remaining before the NHL trade deadline.  Will Tim Murray and the Buffalo Sabres make any moves to bring in a draft pick or another prospect to add to the already deep prospect pool they have or will they sit and watch everyone else wheel and deal and have Tim Murray stand by his guns and not pull the trigger unless the trade is beneficial to the organization and the direction they are looking to go?

    I don’t know, we have 13 games and 30 days to figure that one out.

    So let’s take a look at the February schedule for the Buffalo Sabres and see if they can repeat the month of January or if there will be a better turn around per se.

    As mentioned before, there are 13 games in the month of February.  They are home for 8 of those games and away for 5 of them.  They will start the month off finishing their current road trip with a stop in Montreal on February 3rd before coming home to face off against the St. Louis Blues on February 5th, Thursday.

    With that St. Louis game on the 5th, they will start a 5 game home stand with Dallas, the New York Islanders, Ottawa and Philadelphia following in that order taking the Sabres through February 15th.

    They then will head on the road again to face off against the New Jersey Devils and the Philadelphia Flyers on the 17th and 19th respectively.

    The Sabres are then back at home for two against the New York Rangers and against the Nashville Predators.

    The next three for the Buffalo Sabres will be away, home and away to finish off the month.  They will face the Columbus Blue Jackets, Vancouver Canucks and Florida Panthers on the 24th, 26th, and 28th respectively.

    So there you have it, 13 games in 28 days.  Not like it is very tough at this point, but mentally it could be based on where they stand in the win column.  Coming off a win-less month and continuing into a second month, could really destroy some of these players.

    Looking at the month, I don’t think that they will have a win-less month again.  Odds say that they will have to win at some point.  Looking at their schedule, I am thinking that they have a chance at 7 games that could be possible wins.  I am looking at the Philadelphia games, Florida, the Rangers, Nashville, Ottawa and even possibly the Columbus game.  7 games out of 13 is not a bad stint for a month, even for a team that is in the playoffs.  For the Sabres it is fantastic.  Will it happen, probably not.  I think that the Sabres will come away with maybe 3-4 wins this month, which for them, where they are at, is not a bad output either.

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