Buffalo Sabres Montreal Canadiens Fan Chatter #40


Here we are, the Big 4-0.  We are over the hill for the year.

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  • It has been a couple of days since we have had our picking action.  I am going to let you know now.  With the stretch after the All-Star break, I will be putting up some non-Buffalo Sabre related fan chatters to get a couple more in before the season is up.  They will pertain to the games that will be going on that night and will only be a couple of questions.  Like our normal format.  Some will be worth more than 1 win as well so this could be a chance for someone the others at the bottom of the standings to begin to make a move.  Keep a watch out.  You never know when they will come out.

    As for out last match, the Vancouver Canucks were taking on the Buffalo Sabres.  We only had 3 people playing and seemed to have some difficulty with signing in.  I don’t know if it is fixed could have been something on Fansided’s side of thing.  Either way, we had a winner emerge from the game.  With correctly picking Stewart cna getting award 60 points for his 2 goals, Tim, our fearful leader at SabreNoise came out on top by 5 points.

    Here is the current standings coming into the first game on February.

    [table id=2 /]

    Here are our picks for tonight’s game.

    Pick #1: Total Ice Time? Give me the player with the most ice time and the time.  Correct player will get you 30 points.  Within 2 mins for time will get 30 points, within 1 min get 45 points.  Within 30 sec and get 60 points.   

    Pick #2: Who will get an assist for the Sabres?  Give me four Buffalo Sabres that will assist in  tonight’s game and try to get back on this winning streak.  20 points per goal by one of your players.

    Pick #3:  How will have the most shots for the Sabres and how many?  The correct player will get you 25 points, and the number of shots has to be right now, no leniency for this one 35 points to be awarded with the correct number of shots.

    Pick #4: How many total penalties will there be, both teams? Within 3 and get 20 points, Correctly guess and get 40 points.

    Pick #5: Who for the Sabres will have the most penalty minutes? Correct player will get you 25 points.  Correct number of minutes will get you 40 points.  If there is a tie for the total penalty minutes, points will be award to both players if guessed correctly.

    Pick #6: Pick your Winners. 10 other games on tonight.  Correctly pick all 7 of the 10 games and get 5 points per game. Correctly guess all games and get 45 points.

    Pick #7: Referrals: You need to bring in a person to play with us.  First time players only.  In the comments section the referred player will need to tell me who referred them.  For one person you will get 50 points. If you refer 2 people and they play tonight then get an additional 50 points.  3 or more people playing the game equals an additional 25 points per person added.

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