NHL Draft Lottery Watch – No Change From Yesterday


The Edmonton Oilers lost last night, so there is no change to the NHL Draft Lottery order at this point.  The Buffalo Sabres still remain the odds on favorite to win the draft lottery, and will pick no worse than second if the NHL Draft lottery were to happen today.

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There are plenty of games on the schedule tonight, nine games in total and some of them will impact the standings, waking up tomorrow the bottom of the standings could have a slightly different look.  Here is a look at tonight’s game and who you should be rooting for.

Buffalo Sabres vs St. Louis Blues

Well your rooting interest here depends on how you want the season to unfold.  In the best interest of the organization to hold on to the best odds in the NHL Draft Lottery, you want to see the Buffalo Sabres winning ways stop with a single game against the Montreal Canadiens.  Of course winning a couple of games won’t really endanger them too badly, so let the kids get some confidence right?  But not too much.

Be sure to stay tuned in today as we walk you up to game time with all of our pre and post game coverage and opinions.

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New York Islanders vs Philadelphia Flyers

Wouldn’t it be great if somehow the Islanders just blew the wheels off the wagon train and totally crashed and burned the rest of the season.  If only they were the Toronto Maple Leafs right?  Well they have lost three in a row and have slid down, and are only holding on to a divisional playoff spot by three points, but are still quite a safe distance from the non playoff team.  For purposes of continuing their losing ways and hoping the Islanders draft pick becomes lottery eligible, look for a Philadelphia win here.

Washington Capitals vs Ottawa Senators

You want the Washington Capitals to pick up two points here because they either get closer to the New York Islanders or they keep pace with them.  Ottawa is sixteen points ahead of the Buffalo Sabres – the is no threat of them dropping into danger.  A three point game wouldn’t hurt here.

Los Angeles Kings vs Florida Panthers

A second game where three points would be in the Sabres favor.  Neither team is really affecting the Buffalo Sabres, but a win for the Florida Panthers keeps their slim hopes at a wild card spot alive.  They are seven points back from Boston, with two games in hand.

Anaheim Ducks vs Nashville Predators

The battle for Western supremacy.  The Central leader meets the  Pacific leader, and both are tied for the Western lead with 72 points.  Should be a great hockey game.

Tampa Bay Lightning vs Dallas Stars

The Dallas Stars are limping along the schedule and have a slim hope at making the playoffs.  A win keeps their hopes alive, a loss further the case that they will be involved in the draft lottery.

Detroit Red Wings vs Colorado Avalanche

Another case of doesn’t really affect the Buffalo Sabres.  The Avalanche are trying to get back into the playoff hunt, while the Red Wings are further looking to hold onto a top spot in the Atlantic.

Carolina Hurricanes vs Arizona Coyotes

Three point game anyone?  At eight and eleven points respectively over the Buffalo Sabres the best case scenario for the Sabres is a Carolina win in overtime.  Puts another team at a double digit lead over them.

San Jose Sharks vs Vancouver Canucks

Ryan Miller and the Canucks are by far not having a mediocre season, but despite that they find themselves barely holding on to a wild card spot. A four point swing either way puts them out contention or in the division hunt.

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