NHL Draft Lottery Daily Update


One night after denying the Buffalo Sabres any offense, the St. Louis Blues allowed the Columbus Blue Jackets to stomp a mudhole in their chest.  The 7-1 Blue Jackets victory gives them two points and less likely that they will increase their odds at the first overall draft pick in the NHL draft lottery.

Here is a look at the current bottom of the standings and the NHL draft lottery picks.

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With those odds, I figured I would add an element to these posts and run the NHL Draft Lottery simulator.  Today’s big winner, the Edmonton Oilers, who had a 13.5% chance at the first overall pick.  Today’s draft lottery results have the Buffalo Sabres picking second in the 2015 NHL Entry Draft.

Eleven games are on the schedule for today’s hockey, let us see who we are rooting for and how the matchups fair for the Buffalo Sabres.

New York Rangers @ Nashville Predators

The New York Rangers should be a team that makes the 2015 Stanley Cup playoffs, and the Nashville Predators are one of the top teams in the National Hockey League this year.

Los Angeles Kings @ Tampa Bay Lighting

If the Kings are going to have the chance at repeating as Stanley Cup Champions or even defending their titles, they need to start with the winning, and soon.  From Stanley Cup Champions to a draft lottery contender is not going to sit well with the LA Kings faithful.

New York Islanders @ Boston Bruins

They won the Super Bowl this year, does anyone in New England care what happens to the Boston Bruins at this point?  I am sure everyone who wears the black and gold does, and they have the chance to continue to be a dominant team in the league.  Are we starting to see the downfall of the Bruins?

Dallas Stars @ Buffalo Sabres

Has the offense found  a way back off the score sheet?  There is plenty of power in the Dallas Stars offense and they could easily keep the Buffalo Sabres off the scoresheet again.  They didn’t play bad against the St. Louis Blues, but at the same time, a couple of losses in a row can’t hurt the Sabres  at all at this point.

Edmonton Oilers @ Toronto Maple Leafs

You get the best of both worlds here, you get to see the Toronto Maple Leafs lose and the Edmonton Oilers pick up points in the standings.  It’s a win-win situation for everyone rooting for the Blue and Gold.  An Edmonton win and a Sabres loss restores the six points between the two teams.  The separation right now is only four points.

New Jersey Devils @ Montreal Canadiens

I almost feel bad for the Montreal Canadiens for the way the Sabres treated them this year, I said almost.  I mean no other team in the National Hockey League can wear the banner of we were swept by the 2014-2015 Buffalo Sabres.

Columbus Blue Jackets vs Ottawa Senators

Hopefully the Blue Jackets didn’t waste all their offensive energy against the St. Louis Blues.  Putting more winning together keeps the gap between the Sabres and the Blue Jackets at double digits.

Colorado Avalanche @ Minnesota Wild

Fortune favors the brave right?  One of these two teams should make the playoffs – but if the post season were to start today, both franchises would be on the outside looking in.  I fear that the tides will change at the bottom of the standings of the Western Conference, and one of these two teams will make it into the playoffs, but will require a strong push.

Detroit Red Wings @ Arizona Coyotes

If the Detroit Red Wings want to take a night off, let tonight be the night.  The Coyotes have 12 points on the Buffalo Sabres and any win for the Coyotes at this point is a win for me.

Pittsburgh Penguins @ Vancouver Canucks

As much as I would hate to see the Vancouver Canucks get in on the draft lottery, I would also love for Ryan Miller to miss the playoffs completely at this point.  Win away Sidney Crosby and company.

Carolina Hurricanes @ San Jose Sharks

Carolina picked up a point in their last game out West, a critical three point game when they faced the Arizona Coyotes.  San Jose – see what I said above about the Detroit Red Wings.

Lots of teams at the bottom playing tonight, a Sabres loss with a lot of movement above them could spell for great news for draft dreamers looking to further secure the first or second overall pick in the 2015 NHL Draft Lottery.

Enjoy today’s hockey games.

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