Buffalo Sabres Match All Time Low, Remain On Bottom


The Buffalo Sabres matched an all-time low in shots last night against the New York Islanders, allowing the Islanders to hold on to a one goal lead.  Buffalo almost repeated their comeback victory against the Islanders, but fell short because of matching the lowest shot total in franchise history, combining as a team for just ten shots in the entire game.

Here are the draft lottery standings as of this morning.

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Running the NHL Draft Simulator, if the draft lottery was held today with the current odds, the Arizona Coyotes win the draft lottery, and the Buffalo Sabres would be selecting second overall.  The St. Louis Blues and New York Islanders pick would remain a secret until they were eliminated from the Stanley Cup Playoffs, but would be anywhere from 23rd to 30th.

So far the Buffalo Sabres have a total of 35 points.  That is only 32% of the total points they could have had through 54 games.  If they stay on that pace, they will finish the season with around 52 points, which is exactly where they finished last season.  All of the other draft lottery teams have games in hand on the Buffalo Sabres, save for the Toronto Maple Leafs.

After going 0 for January, the Sabres have managed to play .500 hockey so far in February.  If they continue to play .500 hockey the rest of the season, they would end up with around 63 points.  Last season the Florida Panthers were the closest team in the standings, and got themselves to 66 points, so even at .500 hockey, the Sabres have a chance at the best chances in the draft lottery.

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Here are your matchups for tonight’s NHL action.

Edmonton Oilers vs New Jersey Devils

With 37 points the Edmonton Oilers are the closest team to the Buffalo Sabres, and the only team that doesn’t have a ten point lead in the standings.  Any games the Oilers win help the Buffalo Sabres.  Both Jersey and Edmonton come into tonight on losing streaks.  Three point game here is in the best interest of the Buffalo Sabres.

Los Angeles Kings vs Columbus Blue Jackets

Two more teams involved in the draft lottery, but don’t sleep on the Los Angeles Kings.  Columbus has fourteen points on the Buffalo Sabres, but have three games in hand.

Vancouver Canucks vs Minnesota Wild

With the same number of games played at 51, Vancouver has a six point lead on the Minnesota Wild for the final wild card spot in the Western Conference (Calgary is in the mix there too, with two more games played).  Would be great to see Ryan Miller not make the playoffs.

Arizona Coyotes vs Chicago Blackhawks

The Blackhawks are looking like the team to beat in the Western Conference this year, with Anaheim and Nashville as well.  Buffalo needs the Blackhawks to take the night off, or at least win in extra time.  Arizona has one game in hand on the Buffalo Sabres, and a ten point lead in the standings.

Calgary Flames vs San Jose Sharks

Calgary is holding down on the final wild card spot in the Western Conference, tied with the Canucks for 61 points.  If they want to continue to surprise the West and get in the playoffs, every point counts.

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