NHL Draft Lottery Daily Update – Ottawa Senators Win Simulation


The Edmonton Oilers put space between them and the Buffalo Sabres last night, by picking up two points, there are now four points separating the bottom two teams in the league, Buffalo still holds onto the best odds for the NHL Draft Lottery.  Plenty of action tonight at both ends of the standings.

Here is the outlook of the NHL Draft Lottery Standings if the season ended last night, and today was draft lottery day.

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With about 30 games left in the NHL season per team, give or take, there is still plenty of time for major change in the standings and the outcome of the draft lottery.

In todays run at the NHL Draft Lottery Simulator, the Ottawa Senators, tonight’s opponent are the draft lottery winners and will select first overall in the 2015 NHL Entry draft.  The Buffalo Sabres would select second.  Ottawa has a 7.5% chance of winning the lottery.  Dollar and a dream folks, dollar and a dream.

Nine games on the schedule tonight, lets take a quick look at how they will affect the standings:

Dallas Stars @ Boston Bruins

The Dallas Stars are looking at trying to make the playoffs, and the Boston Bruins are trying to figure out how to remain an elite team in the National Hockey League. The Stars have a3.0 percent chance at the draft lottery now, but you know what, someone will always be in that spot.  No real big bearing on the Sabres chances here.

Ottawa Senators @ Buffalo Sabres

The Ottawa Senators visit First Niagara Center as the Buffalo Sabres continue their homestand.  Ottawa has a good shot at the top overall draft pick in the NHL Draft Lottery, so this would be a key opportunity for the Buffalo Sabres to give two points to a division rival.  Keep it tuned here for more game day coverage throughout the day.

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Edmonton Oilers @ New York Islanders

Dear Edmonton, we almost beat the New York Islanders for the second time this season after being down by three goals.  You can do this! A Sabres loss and an Oilers win would put six points between the two teams once again.

New York Rangers @ Toronto Maple Leafs

The Maple Leafs have stopped the bleeding momentarily, but have fallen far enough in the standings that they are a divisional threat to the first overall pick.  Definitely want the Maple Leafs to pick up two points here.

Anaheim Ducks @ Florida Panthers

The Anaheim Ducks are one of the better teams in the National Hockey League but still need some pieces to challenge for the Stanley Cup this year.  Florida picking up points by exposing flaws in the Ducks game will be helpful for the Buffalo Sabres, because Anaheim has been rumored to be talking to the Sabres about a trade.  Maybe a big loss to the Panthers helps push them into calling with a deal Tim Murray can’t say no to.

Arizona Coyotes @ St. Louis Blues

Despite going on that wicked fifteen game run the St. Louis Blues have now dropped two games in a row.  Arizona won their last contest, and picking up another two points tonight would put them seven games over the Buffalo Sabres in the NHL Draft Lottery race.

Tampa Bay Lightning @ Nashville Predators

When the teams at the top play, there is no bearing on the NHL Draft Lottery, so what your seeing here is a possible Stanley Cup matchup.  Do these teams have what it takes to be playing for playoff wins number 13, 14, 15, and 16?

Minnesota Wild @ Winnipeg Jets

Winnipeg stopped the slide going backwards, but given the loss of Evander Kane can they hold on to their playoff status? What will it take to bring the Minnesota Wild to the next level?

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