Drew Stafford Would Benefit From Evander Kane Trade


There is no secret that the Winnipeg Jets want Evander Kane out of town, and for Drew Stafford, being involved in that trade if the Buffalo Sabres win the Kane Sweepstakes would be the second biggest benefactor behind the Buffalo Sabres.

For starters, the Buffalo Sabres are going to finish dead last in the National Hockey League.  There is no surprise there.  It is a position that they already hold, and as the trade deadline is quickly approaching, GM Tim Murray will be trying to shed unrestricted free agent contracts.  Those guys on expiring contracts are helping the team now.  You remove them from the picture, the team gets worse.

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Drew Stafford can help the Winnipeg Jets if they make the playoffs.  He will no longer be one of the main guys on the roster, and will be able to fill the role-player job that probably better suits him.

Drew Stafford doesn’t replace Evander Kane on the roster in what he provides to the team, but he is a three time 20 goal scorer, his career high of 31 goals came on a team that made the playoffs and happened in a season when he had Jason Pominville and Thomas Vanek helping production.

This season Drew Stafford only has nine goals – he would fit right into the stat sheet as the seventh place scorer on the Winnipeg Jets, a place currently held by none other than Evander Kane.  The only difference, on a good team that might be a good place for Stafford to be, Kane on the other hand should be much higher.

Similarly, Chris Stewart would fit into that roster spot as well.

If the Winnipeg Jets get their choice between renting Chris Stewart and Drew Stafford, they might be inclined to take Stafford, as there are times that Stewart can have a similar attitude as Kane – probably not as bad, but do the Jets really want to deal with that?  In a tough Western Conference however, the Jets might be more inclined to take Stewart, who has more ability than Drew Stafford to get dirty and drop the gloves if necessary.  We all know how dangerous the Western Conference can be in the playoffs.

Drew Stafford is in his contract year.  The most inspiring message that Ted Nolan has preached to the team this year as the great motivator, has been play better and you have a better chance at getting traded off this team.  Moving to a team that he can help benefit would increase his odds at extending his career with a contender, and not having to find a team like that is desperate for a goal scorer – and try and fit Drew Stafford into a top line player.

Whatever the package is that finally draws the Winnipeg Jets into trading Evander Kane to the Buffalo Sabres will not only include Drew Stafford, but will also have a pick and an NHL ready prospect.  Regardless of how much you might have to overpay for the services of Kane next year, it is a win-win-win situation, a win for the Buffalo Sabres, a win for the Winnipeg Jets and a win for Drew Stafford, should he be included in that trade.

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