Buffalo Sabres Trades Weaken Team, Oilers Win Simulation


With only three games on the schedule last night, there was no change to the bottom portion of the standings.  On top of that, the Buffalo Sabres made two blockbuster trades yesterday to help cement their ability to land at the bottom of the standings at the end of the season, but getting better in the long term.

And Tim Murray stands by his plan that things just work out this way, and landing flat on the 30th spot in the team isn’t in his plans.

Here is a look again at the current standings at the bottom of the league.

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In running the NHL Draft Simulator, with a 13.5 percent chance of grabbing the first overall draft pick, the Edmonton Oilers get to select number one, giving the Buffalo Sabres the second overall draft pick.  That still means despite having the best odds in the draft lottery, the Buffalo Sabres have no draft lottery wins in simulation.

Nine games on the schedule tonight, some of them with implications on tomorrows draft lottery simulation.

Toronto Maple Leafs @ New York Islanders

However unlikely it may seem, I still would like to see the New York Islanders tail spin out of the playoff picture and land the Buffalo Sabres a second draft lottery pick in this year’s draft.  Or the exact opposite.  Let them get hot – and draft as low as possible – because one of the first round picks has to go to Winnipeg.  The lower the pick, the better the deal seems to be for the Sabres.

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Anaheim Ducks @ Carolina Hurricanes

The Anaheim Ducks are in a seesaw battle for the top spot in the league and the Western Conference with the Nashville Predators, so they are gunning for as many points as they can.  The Carolina Hurricanes sit just above the Buffalo Sabres in the East with a ten point lead on them in the standings.

Edmonton Oilers @ Montreal Canadiens

If there is one team that can’t handle an opponent at the bottom of the pack its the Montreal Canadiens.  A win for the Oilers puts the Buffalo Sabres six points below the Oilers in the standings for the final spot in the league. The Buffalo Sabres and Arizona Coyotes have done it, so why not the Edmonton Oilers as well?

Pittsburgh Penguins @ Ottawa Senators

The Penguins are in the hunt for the playoffs, and the Ottawa Senators are teetering on the edge of full rebuild.  Ottawa could still make a run for the playoffs, but they would need to solve their scoring issues.

St. Louis Blues @ Tampa Bay Lightning

Teams at the top, a possible Stanley Cup matchup game in February?

Winnipeg Jets @ Nashville Predators

The new look Winnipeg Jets will be in Nashville for the game tonight, and Drew Stafford and Tyler Myers are expected to be in the lineup.  Will that change the fortunes for the Jets?  Winnipeg currently sits in a playoff position with the top wild card spot in the Western Conference.  Only three points separate them from the top three teams in the division, but they have placed more games than the three division leaders.

Florida Panthers @ Minnesota Wild

Two teams on the bubble of the playoffs.  Who has a greater chance of getting into the top eight teams in their respective conference?

New York Rangers @ Colorado Avalanche

I think there is little hope here that the Avalanche make the playoffs – and the New York Rangers are trying to be more than a bubble team holding a wild card spot.

Calgary Flames @ Los Angeles Kings

The Los Angeles Kings could go a long way in making the playoffs this year by beating the Flames tonight.  Just five points separate the defending Stanley Cup champions from the final wild card spot held by the Flames, and the Kings have a game in hand.  Don’t sleep on the Los Angeles Kings.

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