NHL Draft Lottery Standings – Playoff Races Heating Up


The Buffalo Sabres have one more night off, allowing the other teams in the NHL Draft Lottery sweepstakes to pick up points.  Currently the Buffalo Sabres trail the next closest team by six points, but that could go up as high as eight.

I know I normally post this early in the morning but the kids are at the grandma’s house and I got to sleep in.  So here are the NHL Draft Lottery Standings as of this morning:

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Based on these standings, the NHL Draft Lottery Simulator pulled the Dallas Stars  today’s first overall draft pick winner, with just a 2.5 percent chance of getting the first overall pick.  That means another second overall draft pick for the Buffalo Sabres.  So far the Buffalo Sabre are 0 for as many times as I have spun the NHL draft lottery wheel.

The Schedule for todays games starts at 2PM this afternoon with twenty teams in action:

Edmonton Oilers @ Ottawa Senators

The Ottawa Senators are trying to right the ship without going into full rebuild mode, and the Edmonton Oilers are on the verge of increasing their lead over the Buffalo Sabres to eight points.

Toronto Maple Leafs @ Montreal Canadiens

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If there are teams that the Canadiens have struggled with this year it is the one’s feasting at the bottom of the standings.

Winnipeg Jets @ Detroit Red Wings

Winnipeg lost their last game as they get used to having Drew Stafford and Tyler Myers on their team.  Winnipeg is desperately trying to hold onto a wild card spot.

Columbus Blue Jackets @ New York Islanders

A three point game is helpful here for the Buffalo Sabres, unless you are holding out hopes that someway somehow the New York Islanders blow the tires off and give you a second chance at the draft lottery.  More than likely won’t happen, but if one picks the Buffalo Sabres owns from the Islanders and Blues ends up out of the final four picks of the first round, I would be happier.

New Jersey Devils @ Nashville Predators

The Devils are far enough back this is just another scrimmage for the Predators to increase their lead as the best team in the league.

Carolina Hurricanes @ Minnesota Wild

Minnesota is on the verge of grabbing a wild card spot.  Can they get in and hold onto a playoff spot?

NY Rangers @ Arizona Coyotes

Compared to last year the New York Rangers are a hot mess and I would love to see them miss the playoffs.

Dallas Stars @ Colorado Avalanche

The Avalanche are quickly realizing that the 2015 playoffs are slipping away from them, and the Dallas Stars could owe the Buffalo Sabres a second round draft pick in the 2016 draft.  Go Stars.

Vancouver Canucks @ Calgary Flames

Flames.  I will always root against Ryan Miller.  The Flames need to come out on top of these seesaw battle.

Washingon Capitals @ Los Angeles Kings

The Los Angeles Kings need to put it into gear or miss out on the playoffs, just one season after they won their second Stanley Cup.