Buffalo Sabres Tanking More Than Just A State Of Mind


The Buffalo Sabres are in the mode of tanking to get the best possible percentage to obtain one of the top two picks, in which either McDavid or Eichel will be the choice in next years draft.

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  • At an analytical standpoint, it is a complete nightmare to even attempt to look at any stats in any positive manner.  Every stat for the Buffalo Sabres at this point has a negative connotation, except for wins/losses because we know of the final outcome  in which the Buffalo Sabres are hoping for.

    Besides that, there really is not a push or a point to look for or at any stats that could make a difference.  But is there a difference between tanking to get the best possible spot in the draft, as we now see the Toronto Maple Leafs beginning to make their move on it as well, and actually being somewhat competitive, because at this point, I don’t think that the Buffalo Sabres are being competitive anymore even with the tank job on.  It is almost to a point where they should just forfeit from here on out.  What is the actual purpose for them to be playing?

    I understand the reason behind it, but it seems that the energy level is taking its toll on the players and the constant losing has just become the norm for them and an acceptable outcome as well.  The effort is beginning to lack as the players now look at the position and what is at stake or not at stake for that matter, but when is it time to say enough.

    The fans are not even booing for a poor performance anymore either.

    If you do something long enough it becomes ingrained in you as the normalcy and changing it or getting out of the learned behavior can be more difficult than to get into it.

    Basically, what I am saying and what I am looking at is with them losing so much not only for this year, but for last year as well and the two years put together, what is to say that next year will be any different.  Mentality or not, it is an ingrained and learned process over the course of two years.

    Even in three years, they haven’t had more than 21 wins, they are at 16 right now for this year.  Three years ago was the shortened season, but they still finished at 21-21-6 through 48 games.  Last year they only had 21 wins in a 82 game season. With 26 games left, they are only 21 losses away from meeting last years “expectations”.

    When does it get to a point where the effort and behaviors begin to reflect the true nature of the team and it goes beyond the mere “we are in a rebuilding year and are tanking the season to get the best players available for the future”.

    It is going to take more than 1 or 2 players within the 1st round of next years draft to turn this team around and begin to be a productive team.  The nature of losing is within this team and the mentality and we can get excited about the prospects in Rochester and the Juniors and the possibility of what could be next year, but I think it has gone farther and deeper into this organization than that of a simple on the surface tank job.

    I truly hope that I am wrong, but watching the Buffalo Sabres night in and night out, and the lack of effort and at times will and want to play, leads me to believe that this will be more than just a simple night and day turnaround as, I think a lot of people are looking at and expecting.

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