Buffalo Sabres On Schedule Tonight, Lose Draft Lottery To Oilers


There are seven games on the schedule for tonight, including the Buffalo Sabres, who travel to the New Jersey Devils to defend their line in the sand in the NHL Draft Lottery.

The Buffalo Sabres remain the only team in the league with under 40 points on the season.  By a very slim margin they are finally above the 100 goal margin as a team, but still have the lowest goal total in the NHL, as well as the highest goal differential.  Heading into tonight’s game they are on another three game losing streak.  The good news for the Buffalo Sabres, if you are interested in seeing them win a hockey game for moral support, is the New Jersey Devils are winless in their last four contests.

The Arizona Coyotes, another team predicted to plummet in the standings have dropped their last four contests as well.  They remain twelve points ahead of the Buffalo Sabres in the standings, but the Sabres hold two games in hand on the Desert Dogs.  Here are your draft lottery standings and odds:

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With seven games on the table tonight, the Buffalo Sabres could do well to pad their “lead” on the best odds at drafting one or two.  In todays edition of the NHL Draft Lottery, the lucky winning team in the Connor McDavid sweepstakes is, the Edmonton Oilers.  The Buffalo Sabres, if the NHL used the simple algorithm that the simulator website uses, if the draft lottery were held today would be picking second in the 2015 NHL Entry Draft.

Here are the games on the schedule today.

Columbus Blue Jackets @ Philadelphia Flyers

Both teams are nestled in the thick of the NHL Draft Lottery at this point, but the Philadelphia Flyers are trying to make the push for the playoffs.  Philadelphia needs some help, they are six points back of the final wild card spot.

Washington Capitals @ Pittsburgh Penguins

Can Alex Ovechkin continue to lead the NHL in scoring this season?  Will he get his first chance at the Stanley Cup?  an Sidney Crosby win another Cup before his time in the NHL is done?

New York Islanders @ Carolina Hurricanes

Easy call here.  Either Sabres pick from the Islanders or Blues is going to the Winnipeg Jets.  One of the teams needs to do well so the Sabres give up the lowest possible draft pick.  The Carolina Hurricanes sit 16 points ahead of the Sabres in the draft lottery sweepstakes.

Buffalo Sabres @ New Jersey Devils

A game of losing streaks.  Buffalo has lost its last three, New Jersey it’s last four.  Keep it tuned here all day for coverage of the game and other things Buffalo Sabres.

Florida Panthers @ Toronto Maple Leafs

The Toronto Maple Leafs are starting their downward trend, a long time coming, and the Florida Panthers are struggling to push for the playoffs.  They are just four points back from the wild card spot owned by the Boston Bruins.

Dallas Stars @ St. Louis Blues

Tim Murray doesn’t want to be rebuilding in the 2016 draft, but a successful playoff bid and first round win by the Dallas Stars improves a condition pick from the third round to the second round.  Blues pick is also in on the conditional first round pick to the Jets.

San Jose Sharks @ Nashville Predators

Possible first round playoff matchup here, if the playoffs were to start today, these two Western Conference teams would meet.

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