Buffalo Sabres Draft Odds After Win In Philadelphia


The Buffalo Sabres were able to hold on in the shootout last night against the Philadelphia Flyers, giving Michal Neuvirth his first win since back in November.   A win that didn’t look like it was going to happen, because Neuvirth continued to get beat in the same fashion in the shootout.

Finally some luck went his way and a guy missed the net, and he got someone with the paddle of his stick who had no business coming in that slow on an NHL netminder.  Either way with the two points they pick up they are still six points behind the Edmonton Oilers for the last overall draft lottery spot, and the Buffalo Sabres continue to be the only team in the league to not have reached 40 points at this point.

They are one of four teams that have not reached the 50 point plateau yet this season, with just about 24 games to go.

Here are your draft lottery standings and odds as of February 20th.

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Drum roll please.  Now, I have spun the wheel for the NHL Draft Lottery Simulator a dozen times, and so far the Buffalo Sabres are 0 for 12 on getting the first overall draft pick.  If the NHL Draft Lottery were today, the Arizona Coyotes would get the first overall draft pick, and the Buffalo Sabres would be picking second overall.

The Buffalo Sabres are back in action tonight, taking on the New York Ranger in a rescheduled game, that should have happened earlier this season but was pushed back due to the wicked winter that has gripped the Northeast.

The Sabres have improved their chances of not finishing with the same horrible record as last season.  They have just 24 games remaining, and are getting a point in the standings 33% of the time.  Buffalo is looking at ending this season just one or two points better than last season’s 52 points.

Six other games on the schedule tonight outside of the New York Rangers @ Buffalo Sabres.

Vancouver Canucks @ New Jersey Devils

Games against the East are good for Vancouver, familiar teams for Ryan Miller, and a chance at picking up points in the standings.

Toronto Maple Leafs @ Carolina Hurricanes

You remember the shuffle off to Buffalo?  Well in Toronto the artic conditions are causing Leafs to drop and fast.

Boston Bruins @ St. Louis Blues

Boston is trying to hold onto their spot in the postseason despite a lackluster season, and the St. Louis Blues are trying to save something for the post season

Colorado Avalanche @ Chicago Blackhawks

Are the Avalanche fork worthy just yet?  They continue to hang in the standings, but they aren’t in control of their own destiny and need plenty of help from around the league.

Anaheim Ducks @ Calgary Flames

The Ducks want to challenge for the Stanley Cup this year, and are going to need some help at the deadline.  Calgary is holding fast and is more than likely going to give their fans a good look at the playoffs for the first time in six years.  Calgary hasn’t made it out of the first round since before the last lockout.

Minnesota Wild @ Edmonton Oilers

What could be a “four point” night for the Buffalo Sabres in the standings if they lose and the Edmonton Oilers win.  The Minnesota Wild are trying to claw their way into a wild card spot in the West however, so won’t be an easy team to beat for the Oilers.

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