Buffalo Sabres Daily: Evander Kane, NHL Stats


Good morning, Buffalo Sabres fans — and welcome to Buffalo (officially!), Evander Kane.

Kane really made his introduction into Buffalo this past weekend. The Buffalo Sabres formally introduced him on Saturday at a press conference, where the forward expressed his excitement at joining his new team and getting a chance to see the city. [NHL.com]

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One of the newest Buffalo Sabres made an appearance on MSG’s broadcast of Friday’s game against the New York Rangers. He responded to Twitter questions on the broadcast during Sunday’s game, spoke on WGR550 radio and watched the team’s practice Sunday morning. Kane was also shown on the Jumbotron at Sunday’s game.

He’s here, and he’s ready to get things rolling….. once the season begins in October, that is.

In other NHL news, this past weekend saw the latest in a string of outdoor games in the league, as the San Jose Sharks and Los Angeles Kings faced off at the home of the NFL’s 49ers. With over 70,000 in attendance, Saturday’s Stadium Series game became the 3rd-most attended outdoor game. [NHL.com]

I was only able to catch bits and pieces of the game, but the thing that stuck out most to me: the HUGE numbers on the jersey sleeves. Goodness gracious. Another thing that stuck out to me: when the heck are the Buffalo Sabres going to get another outdoor game? I don’t care if it’s in Buffalo or not (likely not, at least until the Bills get a new stadium)…. I just want to see the Sabres get the chance to participate in another game.

Realistically, I know there are still many NHL teams who haven’t had a chance at an outdoor game at all, and they should get the opportunity first. But there are plenty of teams who have already played in multiple games, be they Winter Classics or Stadium Series, and it’s now been seven years since the Sabres’ lone outdoor matchup. Throw us a bone, please.

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Maybe the allure will be amped next season with the addition of a probable top draft choice and whatever other big-name free agents Tim Murray is able to lure in.

Other links from around the NHL world this morning:

  • Bleacher Report releases its weekly rankings. The Buffalo Sabres remain 30th, and the Nashville Predators remain at the top, but there’s some shifting around in between. Personally, I think it’s great that the Sabres were able to take the top team in the league to a shootout on Sunday. Boom.
  • The NHL has unveiled its new website filled with “fancy stats” for all the folks at home. It seems to be drawing mixed reviews — many critics say it isn’t good enough or user-friendly, but many are just glad to see the league embracing statistics.
  • Finally, from Too Many Men on the Site: three things that need to be changed in the NHL.