Buffalo Sabres Looking To Trade Michal Neuvirth


The Buffalo Sabres are knee deep in trying to be the last place team in the league and are still ahead of everyone else in terms of being the first to 30.  At this point, there are still some teams that are able to catch them and pass them to be the worst team in the league.

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I understand the process, do I agree with it, not really.  I know that the Buffalo Sabres want to have the best possible player in the draft and that is right now a toss up between Jack Eichel and Connor McDavid.  Buffalo wants one of them.

What, I guess, frustrates me is that everyone begins to get anxious and nervous with every point that the Buffalo Sabres get.  When a player begins to show some promise, especially since this race for 30th is in full swing at this point, fans begin to call for his head, more or less, they want that player to be traded because he could ruin in all for us.

This morning I was listening to WGR550 and Howard Simon.  For the most part I enjoy listening to them on the drive in from work, but today was a little different.  They were talking about how Michal Neuvirth is going to ruin it for the race for 30th and he needs to be traded away.

Personally, I think that Michal Neuvirth is a decent goalie and could very well be a back up if not a starter in this league.  He has shown on more than one occasion that he is able to play puck with the big boys.  He took the top team in the league to overtime and then to a shoot out where it was ultimately lost, but the Sabres and Neuvirth did get a point out of it.

This is what bothers me, Michal Neuvirth is an unrestricted free agent, and just because he is playing well, we want him traded, because they could lose out on the race for 30th.  What my concern is that they trade Neuvirth away, and then don’t really have a goalie for the rest of the season, which is basically the deal at this point. But what about next year.  You will rely on who? Matt Hackett? The Buffalo Sabres don’t have anyone else that is ready to come up.  What if they are unable to secure a goalie in the offseason through free agency, then what? The race for 30 will have no effect on next year as so many are hoping for.

Why not just have Michal Neuvirth take a nice golfing trip to Cancun for a couple of weeks to a month while he nurses a sore ankle? I think that is reasonable and when he gets back there is a contract waiting for him.  This will at least provide a little insurance that the Buffalo Sabres will have a goalie next year, and minimally a back up at that.

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