Buffalo Sabres Michal Neuvirth On Trading Block Or Resigned


The Buffalo Sabres have made it no secret that it is open season on anyone who might have an expiring contract, and anyone that could be moved for pieces that will make this team better in the very near future.

No one wants the rebuild to end more than the fanbase of the Buffalo Sabres, than GM Tim Murray, who doesn’t want to be looking at the 2016 NHL Draft as something integral to making his hockey team competitive again.  Lets face it, with Darcy Regier still around we would be looking at the 2018 NHL draft to still be rebuilding.

The biggest name on the team to be talked about in trade rumors would be Chris Stewart who will most likely be moved this week for parts unknown, but the two Buffalo Sabres goaltenders, Michal Neuvirth and Anders Lindback are both looking at short timer status for the Buffalo Sabres.

Lindback will no doubt be moved for more pieces, which will make the Jhonas Enroth trade more attractive down the road.

Michal Neuvirth’s play as of late, should be making teams interested in Neuvirth more interested, because it appears the Buffalo Sabres aren’t that interested in keeping him around.  Despite his win loss record, Neuvirth has been playing better since Jhonas was sent to the Dallas Stars, but still there have been no talks of extending the Czech netminder to a long term deal here in Buffalo.

Tim Murray got lucky last year that Matt Moulson decided to come back in free agency after being shipped out of town.  I highly doubt that either Enroth or Neuvirth resigns with the Buffalo Sabres come July 1st, and Lindback could very well join the ranks of a goalie in a Buffalo Sabres sweater that never actually sees the ice during regulation NHL play.

Neuvirth’s stock can get no higher, outside of the fact that he goes on an epic string of victories that the Buffalo Sabres can honestly ill afford.  With the very real possibility that no one playing in Buffalo currently is on this team next year, who do the Buffalo Sabres turn to for the 2015-2016 regular season?

Buffalo Sabres May Trade For Veteran Goaltender

There is a good chance that any trade this year that moves either Lindback or Neuvirth out of town will return a goaltender that has some experience that might only have a year or two left on his contract, but the list of goalies who are set to be UFA in 2016 isn’t that appealing.  Looking out to 2017 – well let’s just say I don’t think any of those goalies are on the trade block for anything the Buffalo Sabres have to offer.

If Neuvirth is still around after this week, no doubt the Buffalo Sabres get him a bridge contract that puts him in Buffalo for the short time, while the prospect pool of goaltenders get’s NHL ready.  The list of possible free agent goalies out there isn’t all that deep, and Neuvirth might just be one of the most noteworthy names on the list that the Buffalo Sabres wouldn’t have to overpay for.

The Buffalo Sabres have guys in the pipeline that will be good for this team, unfortunately I don’t think any of them are in Rochester, so still a few year out.

Cal Petersen is proving the college ranks that he can face a large number of shots. But the top prospect for the Buffalo Sabres may not even be in North American yet.

With the development of goalies what it is, you never know who is going to flip the switch and change the mind of the decision makers. For right now though, Michal Neuvirth is the man until Tim Murray says otherwise.

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