Buffalo Sabres Columbus Blue Jackets Fan Chatter #50


Happy 50th Fan Chatter everyone.  We are about 8 off what the season total should be as the Buffalo Sabres have played in 60 games and we did have 2 extra fan chatters, one for the all star game and the other for the Winnipeg Jets when Tyler Myers and Drew Stafford were traded.  Not too shabby so picking it up midway through the first part of the season.

Anywho, here we are the Buffalo Sabres are set to play in their 61st game with 21 games still remaining, the race for 30th can be seen at the end of the tunnel.

With this being our 50th Sabres chatter for the year, it will be a 2 game swing tonight.  Meaning the winner gets two games added to their total.

As for our Nashville Fan Chatter, three of us played and all scored over 100.  Actually Dano and I scored on the exact same picks with the exact same amounts and finished with 100 points each.  Unfortunately, the leader, Wolfdoctor was able to pick up 15 more points than we did and score 115 for the win. This brings his leading total to 18.5, take a 4 game lead over me in second and a commanding 10 game lead over Dano in 3rd.  We have 21 games to catch him and dethrone him. Possible? we will see.

Here are the standings and where we all stand coming into the Nashville Predators game tonight.

[table id=2 /]

And now for what you have been waiting for; The Chatter Picks!

Pick #1: How many Sabres will have penalties tonight? Looking for the total number of Sabres to get a penalty.  Don’t want names just a number here.    Points will be 25 points if you are within 2, 35 if you are within 1 and 60 if you are correct with your guess.  

Pick #2: Save Percentage for the Sabres?  Let’s keep this one going with Michal Neuvirth on a hot streak. Same point system, plus no one got it last time. Within .03%, I think that we will offer 25 points and if you are ever so lucky to guess it correctly, then get 100 points. I think it might Lindback in net tonight.

Pick #3:  Who will have the most shots for the Sabres?  Give me the player that will end up having the most shots for the game and give me the total shots.  Within 2 and get 45 points.  Within 1 min and get 65 points.  Correctly guess and get 80 points.  Correct player will get you 20 points.

Pick #4: Who will nab an assist for the Sabres tonight?   Give me 5 players that could assist in a goal.  Each correct guess will get you 30 points.

Pick #5: Total shots for both teams . Be within 5 shots and get 20 points.  Correctly guess the total number and get 50 points.

Pick #6: Pick your Winners. There are 10 other games on tonight.   Guess 8 of the 10 games with the correct winners of the game and get 7 points per game with a 300 point bonus if you get all 8 correct.

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