Buffalo Sabres Vancouver Canucks Fan Chatter #51


Hello hockey fans, we are back for another night of exciting Sabres hockey, watching the Sabres, Oilers and Coyotes tonight to see who moves closer to the race for 30th.

The Buffalo Sabres came out strong against a less than average Columbus team and took and early lead and also maintained that lead, which we don’t see very often.  They held on to win 4-2.  As for the Fan Chatter, last game was our 50th fan chatter of the season, for the Sabres and it was an anniversary type of night, 2 games for the winner.

It was a night for the ages, as they say, we had 4 people playing and we all scored over 200 points, seeing as the point options were pretty high for each pick, we all didn’t too horribly.  The low was 205 that was brought in by Wolfdoctor.  I think this may one if not the only game that he has finished last with points.  He is usually, if not winning, second place with points.

In the end, it came down to winners and selecting 7 of the 8 winners, I was able to secure the 2 game win for myself with a score of 274.

With 2 games left in the month of February and with these also being the last two Fan Chatters that I write for Sabrenoise, we are going to go out with a bang.  Lets make it interesting.  Shake it up a bit.

I think that these last two fan chatters will be equalled to 3 games each.  6 game swing at the end of the month.  Wolf could really take the lead or someone trying to catch could make up some ground quickly here.  Make these picks count.

Before we get into the picks, here are the standings as they are coming into tonight’s game against Vancouver.

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And now for what you have been waiting for; The Chatter Picks!

Pick #1: Who will have points for the Buffalo Sabres? Looking for 5 Sabres that will get a point tonight.  We are going to give 40 points per player tonight.  

Pick #2: Save Percentage for the Sabres?  Let’s keep this one going with Michal Neuvirth on a hot streak. Same point system, plus no only half of us got it last time. Within .03%, I think that we will offer 25 points and if you are ever so lucky to guess it correctly, then get 100 points.

Pick #3:  Who will have the most hits for the both teams?  Give me the player that will end up having the most hits for the game for both teams and give me the total hits.  Within 2 and get 25 points.  Within 1 min and get 35 points.  Correctly guess and get 50 points.  Correct player will get you 20 points.

Pick #4: How many giveaways and how many total takeaways will the Sabres have tonight?   Give me 2 numbers one for giveaways and one for takeaways.  Be within 2 for each and get 30 points for each.  Correctly guess and get 40 points.

Pick #5: Total shots for both teams . No one was close to this one, but who expects the Buffalo Sabres and Columbus Blue Jackets to actually put up 78 total shots.  Be within 5 shots and get 20 points.  Correctly guess the total number and get 50 points.

Pick #6: Pick your Winners. There are 8 other games on tonight.   Guess 6 of the 8 games with the correct winners of the game and get 9 points per game with a 300 point bonus if you get all 8 correct.

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