Buffalo Sabres Trade News: Michal Neuvirth To New York Islanders


The Buffalo Sabres have traded another goaltender, and have traded Michal Neuvirth to the New York Islanders for Chad Johnson.  This trade comes at little surprise, as the Buffalo Sabres and Tim Murray have wanted to trade away expiring contracts for all unrestricted free agents.

This reunites two goaltenders that were traded for each other last year, as Neuvirth will be backing up Jaraslav Halak.

The Buffalo Sabres have shed themselves of another expiring contract, and have added a goaltender that will not win them games in the same vein that Neuvirth did.

The New York Islanders have gotten themselves a better backup goaltender.  The Islanders will ride Halak in the playoffs, but most likely will want a strong backup in the event that something happens to their starting goaltender in the playoff run, and will not want to end up like the Tampa Bay Lightning – where a single injury kills your chances at a strong playoff run.

Neuvirth was on the bubble, as some people would have liked to see him resigned as the Buffalo Sabres goaltender going forward.  What the Buffalo Sabres get back is a goaltender that is on contract for one more season, and a draft pick that will help Tim Murray keep the cupboard stocked with prospects.

Buffalo Sabres Trade For Next Seasons Goaltender?

Being under contract, Chad Johnson could be the Buffalo Sabres starting goaltender for next season, or he could back up the Buffalo Sabres first choice in net, which they could find via free agency or trade for someone at the draft.

Michal Neuvirth didn’t start the season out well.  He had a very rough pre-season, and handed the crease over the Jhonas Enroth in a 1A/1B situation to start the season, that quickly turned into a starting goalie and backup situation as Enroth outplayed Neuvirth for the large part of the season.

Neuvirth found himself in the starting role for the Buffalo Sabres when General Manager Tim Murray moved Jhonas Enroth to the Dallas Stars, for a very similar return (Anders Lindback and a third round conditional pick).  Neuvirth increased his stock in the trade market, despite the lack of a goalie need at the deadline, by playing out of his mind since taking over the crease.  Neuvirth was in large part the reason why the Buffalo Sabres were so successful as of late.

The Buffalo Sabres have a goaltending situation now, and could still be interested in the BU goalie Matt O’Conner -but outside of playing in Buffalo after the NCAA season this year, he will likely be in Rochester for the start of next season.

The question is now will Chad Johnson start for the Buffalo Sabres, or will we get to see Anders Lindback in the Buffalo Sabres next game?

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