Buffalo Sabres Post NHL Trade Deadline Draft Lottery Odds


The Buffalo Sabres did whatever they could yesterday to weaken the team, and move closer to the end result of a horrible season, and that is the prize at the end of this suffering tunnel, Connor McDavid or Jack Eichel.

The only problem is, they were not the only ones dumping fuel from the engine preparing for the crash landing at the end of the season.  The Arizona Coyotes did a number on their roster yesterday as well.  In fact, the Buffalo Sabres and Coyotes did enough damage yesterday, that the Edmonton Oilers should be thinking about drafting a defenseman.

We suspended the draft lottery simulator run for a couple of days leading up to the trade deadline, but now that rosters are frozen and players can breath easy for the remainder of the season, here are the current standings for non playoff teams.

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So far we have gotten one draft lottery win in the time that I am doing this.  Coincidentally it was the last time I did this, but that was not the reason why I stopped doing it.  So here is the lucky spin of the day: Drafting first in the NHL Entry Draft for 2015 based on one click of the NHL Lottery Simulator is the Arizona Coyotes.  Apparently the hockey gods like the moves they made to get worse better.

Fear not, that means the Buffalo Sabres get to pick second, and still get Jack Eichel.

Last night was a very light night on the schedule, which is good for teams wheeling and dealing.  Not every deadline move has had a chance to get to their new team however, so lineups may not look so different after all starting tonight.

Here are the games in action tonight.  An * next to the game denotes it has an effect on the lower half of the standings.

Nashville Predators @ New Jersey Devils*

The New Jersey Devils are hanging on for dear life in the playoff race, but with a record just under .500 it doesn’t look good for Lou and company this year.

Calgary Flames @ Philadelphia Flyers*

Both teams are on the outside looking in, but you would get dizzy if you were on the in and out cycle that the Flames are on, trading wild card spot for draft lottery spot.

Washington Capitals @ Columbus Blue Jackets*

I had so much hope for the Blue Jackets this season, just one season after winning the first post season game in franchise history, the team will once again be watching the playoffs.

Buffalo Sabres @ Tampa Bay Lightning*

It will be interesting to see what lineup the Buffalo Sabres field tonight.  Tyler Ennis should be back in the lineup tonight, with him coming back he is the only active member of the team with more than ten goals after the team traded Chris Stewart.  Girgensons also has 15 goals, but is on IR, likely for the remainder of the season.

Toronto Maple Leafs @ Florida Panthers*

The race to the bubble is still on for the Florida Panthers, what tricks up the sleeves of the Toronto Maple Leafs will we see the rest of the season?

Ottawa Senators @ Minnesota Wild*

Will Chris Stewart be enough to help them into the playoffs and against the tougher opponents in the West?

NY Islanders @ Dallas Stars*

Time is ticking Dallas – but it looks like we will be getting that third round pick after all.

Anaheim Ducks @ Arizona Coyotes*

It is going to be very hard for the Arizona Coyotes to pick up points in their remaining games.  Even a three point game helps the Buffalo Sabres.

Los Angeles Kings @ Edmonton Oilers*

Los Angeles wants to hold onto their playoff spot, but the Sabres could benefit from a three point game as well.

San Jose Sharks vs Vancouver Canucks

I am surprised the Canucks didn’t do more yesterday.  The only game tonight that doesn’t have direct impact on the draft lottery, but could if the Canucks fall from the playoff picture.

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