Buffalo Sabres Fans Need McDavid Or Eichel


I have been a fan of the Buffalo Sabres for as long as I can remember. I have seen the ups and downs (mostly downs) in my lifetime.

I get the stories all the time from my grandfather and father about how The French Connection were fun players fun to watch, and how the team scored alot of goals, the hockey was exciting. Well, it’s my turn now, and I want to be able to tell some stories too, stories that don’t include the harsh words ‘No Goal.’

At 32 years old and a Buffalo Sabres fan for all my life  I dont really have many stories to tell about the Sabres. I guess I can start off with Pat LaFontaine, Alexander Mogilny and Dominik Hasek. But after? well, I can start to talk about ‘May Day,’ Derek Plante’s Playoff goal and Chris Drury’s late goal to tie the New York Rangers. But did they win the Stanley Cup? No.

They where there once in my lifetime and it was fun to watch until the very end. I mean how do I tell a story about a goal that made the NHL change a rule and the Sabres lost the Stanley Cup because of it. But on the positive side, we had ‘The Dominator’ Dominik Hasek.

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The past 10-15 years have been nothing more then a franchise that had some skill, but never enough. We had players like Thomas Vanek,Jason Pominville,Mike Peca and Ryan Miller, just to name a few. We had great playoff series with Philadelphia Flyers, Ottawa Senators and New York Rangers. We also had the best team in the league back in 06-07 season. But still no Stanley Cup. Lets face it, the Sabres never had that great forward or defensemen. We never had a player where another teams fan base would say ‘I wish he was on our team.’

So this brings me to my point. With 18 games left this season the Sabres sit at 30th in the league on the verge of getting a top player who could very well be part of my story telling in 20 years. A player who could win the first Art Ross trophy in a Sabres uniform, a player who is wanted by every fan base. Also a player who the Buffalo Sabres can build around and win a Stanley Cup.

I know, one player can not change the Sabres current roster, but it’s a huge step in our goal.

So I am sorry for rooting against the Sabres for the next 18 games and I’m going to put on my Edmonton Oilers and Arizona Coyotes cap and hope that we will finish last in the league so I can have a story to tell in 20 years…..

Connor McDavid

Jack Eichel

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