Buffalo Sabres Draft Lottery Odds: Fortune Favors The Sabres


The Buffalo Sabres competed last night, but they could not pull together a victory, as they fell 3-2 to the Ottawa Senators.  That means another game down on the road to the end of the season, and another increase in the odds that the Buffalo Sabres will continue to hold the 30th overall spot in the league through the end of the season.

For all intents and purposes, the Edmonton Oilers should be the worst team in the league.  The Buffalo Sabres have one more win than the Edmonton Oilers, but the Oilers have six more loser points than Buffalo, giving them the advantage of being four points up on the Buffalo Sabres in the standings.

Despite both teams in front of them gaining points in the last to days, the only thing that remains secure at this point is the 20 percent chance of winning the draft lottery, or at least getting to pick at least second in the NHL draft.

Without further ado – here are the standings for the draft lottery as of March 7th, 2015.

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Running the draft lottery simulator everyday was not my idea when I started this.  It has become a daily ritual now however.  I don’t think it is providing me with any hope that the Buffalo Sabres will benefit from having the greatest odds at grabbing the number one pick overall.  On the contrary; I think what it is doing is building up my immunity so when they don’t win the number one pick in the NHL Draft – it won’t come as much of a surprise.

With todays spin of the wheel and a five percent chance at the draft lottery, the Philadelphia Flyers in the 2015 NHL Draft Lottery.

Ten games on the schedule today, to include an East Coast matinee.  * Denotes draft lottery implications.

Philadelphia Flyers @ Boston Bruins

Four points separate these two teams, who stare at each other not only from the other side of the ice, but from either side of the playoff bubble.  The Flyers want in, and the Bruins want to hold on.

St. Louis Blues @ Toronto Maple Leafs*

Toronto can play spoiler here.  They don’t have the ability to knock the Blues out of playoff contention, but they can help them to a harder road once the playoffs start.

Dallas Stars @ Tampa Bay Lightning*

Dallas making the playoffs means the Buffalo Sabres could benefit from the conditional pick, but it doesn’t look like that is going to happen.  If the Stars really want to mess with Buffalo even more – they will find a way to sign Jhonas Enroth, or trade his rights to a team that can sign him before 7/1 – if it was Murray’s plan to re-sign him as a free agent.

NY Islanders @ Florida Panthers

Florida has “clawed” their way up to the edge of the bubble and are only two points out of a playoff spot.  Will their goalie troubles unhinge a playoff run?

Buffalo Sabres @ Washington Capitals*

It wasn’t coast to coast, but capital to capital.  How will the young Buffalo Sabres respond to back to back games?

Colorado Avalanche @ Columbus Blue Jackets*

The Jackets are out of the picture, and the Avalanche have just lost Nathan MacKinnon to a broken foot for six to eight weeks.   He could see the ice again if the avalanche make the playoffs, but they are nine points out fro a wild card spot, with three teams between them and the bubble.

Winnipeg Jets @ Nashville Predators

Have the Predators finally lost it?  They remain one of the top teams in the Western Conference, but haven’t won in their last five attempts.  When does the streak end?

Montreal Canadiens @ Arizona Coyotes*

The good thing here is that the Montreal Canadiens haven’t done well against teams in the bottom of the standings.

Pittsburgh Penguins @ Los Angeles Kings

Are the Kings going to miss the post season – or is there another level they are going to obtain to get into the post season and defend their title?

Vancouver Canucks @ San Jose Sharks

Is this the year the Sharks show more life in the post season?  They would have to make it.  A streak of ten straight years in the playoffs is on the line.

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