Buffalo Sabres Draft Lottery Odds: The Gap Widens


The Buffalo Sabres got some help in the standings last night, while the Edmonton Oilers lost, the Arizona Coyotes lost in extra time, so they picked up a point in the standings.

There are only two teams remaining that haven’t gotten to the 50 mark yet, and that is the Buffalo Sabres and Edmonton Oilers.  Buffalo has one more win than the Oilers, but Edmonton has more than double the loser points on Buffalo, creating the four point lead in that regard.

Here are your standings as of Tuesday, March 10, 2015.

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With not much change in the draft lottery standings likely to happen tonight either, the draft odds are likely going to maintain in place.  With the Draft Lottery Simulator primed and ready this morning, the winner of the 2015 draft lottery is: the San Jose Sharks.  That means the Buffalo Sabres are like 2 for 20 plus spins on the simulator.

There are a total of eight games on the schedule for tonight, none of them have a direct impact on the bottom three of the draft lottery standings, but some of them have an effect on the draft lottery odds.  *denotes impact on draft lottery.

New York Rangers @ New York Islanders

When the Islanders finally move to Brooklyn, the Battle for the Big Apple will be in full effect.  For right now it is the battle for the Metropolitan Division.

Dallas Stars @ Philadelphia Flyers

Playoff hopefuls, and the battle of the bubble.  Two teams that are barely holding on to playoff hopes looking to keep the race alive.

Columbus Blue Jackets @ Carolina Hurricanes

Only the Buffalo Sabres and Edmonton Oilers have been officially eliminated from the 2015 playoffs, but the chances for the Blue Jackets and Hurricanes of making the post season are slim to none.

Tampa Bay Lightning @ Montreal Canadiens

The battle for the Atlantic.  Two points separate the top teams int he Atlantic Division, and they are head to head tonight.  Tampa Bay has won three in a row.

Boston Bruins @ Ottawa Senators

Boston looking to hold onto their slim lead on the wild card spot, while the Ottawa Senators are looking to keep their winning streak alive, and with that a push for the playoffs as well.

Winnipeg Jets @ St. Louis Blues

Thanks the Nashville Predators losing streak, St. Louis is right there in the conversation for the top spot in the Central Division.  Winnipeg is barely holding on to the final wild card spot in the West – as they are dropping in the standings as of late.

New Jersey Devils @ Minnesota Wild

Minnesota’s playoff chances are just as good as Winnipeg’s at this point, so wins keep their position in the top eight alive, while the New Jersey Devils are on the verge of calling for tee times.

Los Angeles Kings @ Colorado Avalanche

Could the winners of the 50% of the Stanley Cups in the last four years miss the playoffs this year? How much longer will we have to wait to see a back-to-back champion?

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