Buffalo Sabres Roundtable: Late First Round Picks

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Patrick Helper, General Hockey Editor, Too Many Men

The Buffalo Sabres 2015 Draft could be one of the more interesting drafts we have had the chance to see in years. After what can only be described as a terrible season come to an end Sabres fans will turn all of their attention to the upcoming NHL Entry Draft. Let’s take a few minutes and forget about the coveted first or second overall pick and turn our focus to Buffalo’s second round pick. Buffalo will not pick a player in the second round, or at least the will trade away the pick that the New York Islanders sent them in the Thomas Vanek deal.

This is where the Draft gets fun; the Sabres will take their pick and package it with one of the two lower first round picks they currently own. The deal will be a first, the second from the Islanders and Mikhail Grigorenko to the Colorado Avalanche for Ryan O’Reilly.

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  • Colorado is going to wash their hands of O’Reilly and I do believe that the Sabres are done with Grigorenko. The catch with this deal is the Avs want big defensemen to sure things up on their blueline. Leading up to the NHL trade deadline there were rumors about Tyler Myers for O’Reilly. It is those rumors that make me think a top four defensemen will be part of any trade. The only player I see that fits the criteria would be Nikita Zadorov.

    Both “prospects” could easily slide in the Avalanche system and paired with the two picks mentioned earlier should be enough to bring O’Reilly to Buffalo. The Sabres are done rebuilding; now it’s about bringing in the right players to make this roster Cup worthy.  The addition of Evander Kane and the possible addition of O’Reilly coupled with Connor McDavid or Jack Eichel makes the Sabres a Playoff contender.

    There is no reason to use the second round pick if it can land you a top six forward who has experience, and skill. The Sabres have prospects, and simply adding another with a second round pick is not only pointless it’s a waste of time.

    Sabres fans have been forced to endure years of suffering and  the occasional mediocre play; it’s time for the Sabres front office to step up their game and show the NHL that just because you stink for a few years doesn’t mean you are a joke.

    As we move closer and closer to finally reaping the rewards of being a historically bad team fans and the front office alike will start to dream of crazy possibilities for the 2015 NHL Draft.

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