Buffalo Sabres Draft Lottery Odds: Struggling To Hold On


The Buffalo Sabres got some help in the standings last night, as Edmonton was robbed of winning the game, but still came out with a point.  That puts them ahead of the Arizona Coyotes as well now, and the rest of their schedule could increase that lead as well.

The remaining twelve or so games left on the schedule for the Buffalo Sabres, Arizona Coyotes and Edmonton Oilers should see three teams battling for the final two spots in the league dwindle down to two.  The Sabres are off tonight, as are the Oilers, and the Coyotes are in action against what should be a beatable Colorado Avalanche.

Here are your draft lottery standings as of March 19th.

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We are going to spin the wheel everyday before the actual draft lottery as we get settled into the remaining games of the season, and the Buffalo Sabres have only won the coin toss three times.  Today’s winner of the Draft Lottery Simulator is the Ottawa Senators.

Busy slate of games on the schedule tonight for out of town scoreboard watchers getting ready for the playoffs (hey even without the Sabres in the playoffs they are fun to watch.  Plus I have a streak going – my six year old daughter has not missed a Stanley Cup presentation since the 2008 Stanley Cup, she has seen every one in her lifetime whether she remembers them or not).

San Jose Sharks @ Toronto Maple Leafs

The Sharks  desperately need points if they want to sneak back into the playoff picture.  They are now six points back from the wild card spots in the West with only 12 games remaining.

Carolina Hurricanes @ Montreal Canadiens

Montreal is battling the New York Rangers for the top spot in the Eastern Conference, and have been playing some intense hockey as of late, but have struggled against the bottom teams this year.

Boston Bruins @ Ottawa Senators

If your in the mood to watch a wicked good hockey game, this is the game to tune into.  Ottawa has won four straight, and is 8-1-1 in their last ten games to surge up to be just four points shy of the final wild card spot held by the Boston Bruins.

Detroit Red Wings @ Florida Panthers

Florida still has a snow balls chance in Miami at making the playoffs, but having lost their last two games, and now up against Detroit, the window could be closing.

Washington Capitals @ Minnesota Wild

Minnesota has their ticket punched, but aren’t safe yet, they are seven points behind division playoff spots, so need to do what they can to hold onto that wild card playoff spot.

St. Louis Blues @ Winnipeg Jets

Winnipeg is in the same boat as the Jets, and the St. Louis Blues are nipping at the heels of the Anaheim Ducks for the top spot in the Western Conference.

Pittsburgh Penguins @ Dallas Stars

Any hope of the conditional pick from the Dallas is slowly dwindling out.

Philadelphia Flyers @ Calgary Flames

Calgary is in, Calgary is out.  Calgary can get back in with a win and a Winnipeg loss.

Columbus Blue Jackets @ Vancouver Canucks

Columbus playing the role of spoiler at this point. Vancouver holding their own but not safe in the divisional spot.

Colorado Avalanche @ Arizona Coyotes

Colorado has a slim chance at making the playoffs, and the Buffalo Sabres could really use a Coyotes win or overtime/shootout loss here.

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