Buffalo Sabres Daily: Ilya Kovalchuk, Ryan Grimshaw


Good morning, Buffalo Sabres fans. The Sabres are off from game action now until Thursday, when they host the Arizona Coyotes in what some are calling “the most important game in the history of the franchise.” I think that’s a bit of a stretch, but…. alrighty then.

The first thing I saw this morning on the Internet was this piece via Bleacher Report: is Anders Lindback‘s resurgence a good or bad thing for the Sabres?

The fact that this is even a question is just mind-blowing to me. Are we seriously at the point where asking if a player doing well is a good or bad thing? It should be a no-brainer that we want our players to do well.

And for those pro-tank fans who will jump on me, I give you this: Lindback’s record is still 1-5-2 since joining the Sabres. He’s doing the best he can (which is good for people like me), but overall the team is still losing (which is good for you pro-tankers). I just can’t in good faith cheer for players to fail, so to be asking if the fact that Lindback is playing well is good or bad is just…. “wow!” to me.

Anyways — I digress. Let’s move on to other NHL news, this time involving…. Ilya Kovalchuk?

Reports have it that Kovalchuk may be considering a return to the NHL for the 2016-17 season. [CBS Sports]

One of the motivating factors for this is believed to be – what else? – money. Kovalchuk’s current KHL contract is reportedly paying him $15 million; he’d make nowhere close to that in the NHL, but the KHL has been the center of several recent reports that indicate the league may be in financial trouble.

Of course, considering how he left the NHL to go to the KHL, it’s not going to be that easy for him to return. Kovalchuk would need permission from all 30 NHL teams to return in the 2016-17 season. Would he get it?

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As NCAA March Madness continues, the stage is also now set for another NCAA tournament: the Frozen Four.

Games begin on March 27, when Jack Eichel and Boston University face off against Yale. The tournament field is all set, and it’s wide open for a winner.

Could it be Eichel, or maybe the Rochester Institute of Technology Tigers? RIT faces Minnesota State on March 28 in a Midwest Regional game in South Bend, Indiana.

Meanwhile, former Rochester Americans defenseman Ryan Grimshaw has announced his decision to move on from hockey at the age of 25.

Grimshaw took to the Internet this past weekend and wrote a touching blog post about his decision.

Grimshaw, a Rochester native, player for the Amerks during the 2011-12 and 2013-14 seasons (five games total). He also played for the Toronto Marlies, in the ECHL and for Harvard University. Grimshaw most recently played 50 games with the Dundee Stars of the EIHL this season.

We wish him nothing but good luck in his future endeavors.

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