Buffalo Sabres Draft Lottery Odds: And Then There Were Nine


Nine games are all that remain for the Buffalo Sabres, Arizona Coyotes, and Edmonton Oilers.  After losses last night, the gap remains three points between the Sabres and the Coyotes for the 30th place in the standings and the best chances at selecting number one, but being guaranteed at least number two.

We now get to the point of the schedule that you should be cringing about, with only nine games remaining, and changes in the standings are going to be huge, and the Sabres and Coyotes still have a home game each against each other.

Arizona plays tonight, while the Buffalo Sabres are off, it would be nice for Detroit to mail it in against the Coyotes – or at least need extra time to give the Coyotes at least a point in the standings.

Here are your draft lottery standings as of March 24th, with just 18 days left in the regular season.

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Notice anything different?  The Ottawa Senators have won seven in a row and have replaced the Boston Bruins as a playoff team.  The fact that Los Angeles the Boston Bruins, who have won three of the last four Stanley Cups have a snowballs chance at landing the first overall pick in the draft.

At the end of the day you want Buffalo to be 30th, and really shouldn’t care if another team jumps them in the draft.  But the fact that they have done just enough to be in the conversation should make your skin crawl a little bit.  There is still hope that they can get in the playoffs.

With the Buffalo Sabres on a three game losing streak, the Arizona Coyotes on a six game losing streak, and the Toronto Maple Leafs doing everything they can to not win any points in the standings (they have lost six in a row as well).

Buffalo still has two games against Arizona.  They also play the Maple Leafs one more time.  They have games against the Carolina Hurricanes, and Columbus Blue Jackets.

Outside of the Buffalo Sabres – the Coyotes are only playing teams that are in the playoff race, or in the hunt for the playoffs (they play San Jose twice to start the month of April.)

Today’s winner of the draft lottery simulator – The Arizona Coyotes.

Strength of schedule is definitely in the favor of the Arizona Coyotes.  Here is the list of hockey action tonight, with a *denoting draft lottery implications.

Minnesota Wild vs New York Islanders

Minnesota is still holding on to their wild card spot, while the Islanders have fallen off their pace for the top spot in the East.

Los Angeles Kings vs New York Rangers

A Stanley Cup rematch late in the season, with the Kings desperate for points to get into the playoffs to defend their Stanley Cup.

St. Louis Blues vs Pittsburgh Penguins

A possible Stanley Cup matchup if the St. Louis Blues have figured out how to win a playoff series.

Anaheim Ducks vs Columbus Blue Jackets*

The Blue Jackets are down and out, while the Ducks are pushing for a President’s trophy.

Arizona Coyotes vs Detroit Red Wings*

Root for the Coyotes, that much is certain – but Detroit won’t be rolling over easy, while they are in the playoff picture, teams are nipping at their heels.

Florida Panthers vs Tampa Bay Lightning*

Florida is running out of time, while the Lightning are pushing for the top spot in the East.

Montreal Canadiens vs Nashville Predators

Potential Stanley Cup matchup – can the Canadiens return the Cup north of the border??

Winnipeg Jets vs Vancouver Canucks

Both teams holding on to playoff hopes, but not completely safe.

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